Repel contaminants by removing sticky stains

You might not realize it, but newly washed clothes – which appear clean – might still have stains on them. And they can attract contaminants from the surroundings.

remove sticky stains

Invisible, sticky stains trap unwanted particles

Unless a detergent includes a blend of high-performance enzymes, it can leave “invisible” stains on clothes. But if the stains are invisible, do they matter?

Yes! An invisible, thin film of organic matter such as starch, fat and gum often remains on the surface of the fabric where there was once a visible stain. This invisible film acts as a sticky “glue.” The glue can trap contaminants from the surroundings when you wear the clothes. And it can trap unwanted particles from the wash water in current or future washes as well.

Novozymes enzymes break down invisible stains

High-performance enzymes prevent both the trapping and redeposition of unwanted particles. That’s because Novozymes enzymes prevent sticky glues from building up on fabrics. And enzymes break down the sticky film by targeting specific stain components. See how enzymes help remove “invisible” stain

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