Microbial cleaning

Rethink clean with active microbes

Imagine a cleaning product that is effective, safe, green – and works for weeks.

Microbial-based cleaners, commonly referred to as probiotic cleaners, offer a green alternative to conventional hard-surface cleaners.

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Adapting to changing trends

Consumer cleaning habits are changing. Harsh chemicals are no longer the best way to fight grease, grime, stains, and harmful bacteria.

The power of active microbes is here to stay.

Innovative cleaning solutions with technical superiority - exactly how Microvia leads the market.

Benefits of active microbial cleaners

  • Breaks down and removes many different types of residue
  • Cleans within the tiniest of crevices and fine grooves
  • Keeps working 7+ days after application
  • Contributes to the balance of the home microbiome
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The future of clean is now

What if your multi-surface cleaner could work with your home's microbiome?

Watch this short video to find out more about how microbial cleaners can help preserve the planet's resources and build better lives.

How do microbial-based cleaners work?

Microbial-based cleaners continuously remove soil on surfaces for days - but what is really going on up close?

Watch this short animation to find out what it looks like when you zoom in on the surface.

Latest reports

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Global report on how consumers perceive microbial cleaners

Consumers know how probiotics improve lives. But do they know how microbial cleaners can improve their home environment?

We spoke with consumers in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Italy and found they had not heard about probiotic cleaners. With a bit of education though, they were willing to try and even pay extra for the right product.

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Embracing our home microbiome in an over-sanitized society

When it comes to their home environment, many people would agree that cleaner is better. And that’s no surprise, because for most of human history, we’ve been taught to view the microscopic world – in which germs play a large role – with fear.

In our whitepaper, we take a look at recent research to see what role microbial products may play in creating a more diverse microbial state.

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Conjoint study: US multi-surface cleaner market

What cleaning benefits resonate with today’s consumers? And are there any claims that actively discourage consumers from purchasing products? 

In short, what makes consumers in the US multi-surface cleaner market tick? To find out, we surveyed more than 600 consumers between the ages of 18 and 65 who said they were the decision maker for buying cleaning products in their home.

A powerful solution for a cleaner, greener environment: Microvia™

Novozymes is proud to introduce Microvia - our microbial cleaning solution for the modern world, using active Bacillus bacteria to empower a safer, more effective, and greener clean.

With strong scientific evidence on Microvia’s performance and stability, Novozymes is proven to lead the market through our effective and natural solutions.





Latest insights

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Are we cleaning because we fear the unknown?

The answer may surprise you

Our perspective on cleaning has shifted ever since the COVID-19 pandemic – disinfecting & over-sanitizing surfaces all the time. Is disinfection truly the best way to ensure a healthy home environment? What if adding a healthy dose of beneficial microbes in our homes can provide a longer-lasting, more natural clean without harsh chemicals? Consumers today are looking for greener alternatives to cleaning products and research shows this will become the norm. The future of clean is microbial - and the future of clean is now.

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Bring back the microbes!

Instead of closing the doors, now is the time to invite them in

The life-altering reality of COVID-19 has turned many of us into enthusiastic cleaners – keeping every surface and contact point sterile and germ free. While this cleaning and disinfecting vigilance has been highly effective at killing all viral particles, it has led to new concerns that we are inadvertently altering our microbiomes – the community of diverse microorganisms that we rely on for good health.

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Ask the Expert | FAQs on probiotic cleaning

Explore the world of probiotic cleaning from our Novozymes microbial experts.

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