Enzymes for dishwashing

High performing dish detergents

With our enzymes in your dishwash detergents, you can deliver on the performance claims that consumers most care about - from more scrubbing power to effective cleaning in shorter cycles. Biodegradable, renewable enzymes can also support more eco-friendly formulations.

Enzyme solutions for dishwashing

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Spray detergents with lipase remove up to 367% more greasy soil and command up to a 186% higher price than traditional hand dishwash liquids.

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How enzymes work in dish detergents

Protein consists of long chains of amino acids that are linked together, while starch molecules are formed of long chains of sugars. That’s why mixed protein and starch soils such as lasagne are so tough for dish detergents to remove.

Amylase enzymes cut starch molecules into tiny sugars, while protease enzymes break protein molecules down into shorter chains of amino acids. That makes the starch and protein easier for dishwash detergents to lift off.

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