Enzymes for isomerization

Effective fructose syrup production with isomerization


What is isomerization?

Production of fructose syrup requires converting glucose into a mixture of glucose and fructose by running the glucose syrup through a bed of immobilized glucose isomerase enzyme. 

With Novozymes’ high-quality glucose isomerase, you can achieve consistently high productivity and low cost of conversion. 

How can enzymes help?

When producing sweeteners such as high fructose syrup or crystalline fructose, challenges can include big variations in productivity, a need to run high magnesium levels, and the time-consuming task of loading/unloading isomerization columns.

With Novozymes Sweetzyme®, a high-quality glucose isomerase, you can achieve continuous operation, a column lifetime of 200-400 days, a high average flow rate, and low cost of conversion.

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Our best in class solution for isomerization

Sweetzyme® IT Extra is a highly productive glucose-isomerase. It enables continuous fructose production with stable performance.

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