Enzymes for filtration

Improve your syrups' filtration properties

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Get clearer syrup faster

Your goal in filtration is to quickly remove all insoluble particles from the syrup. Using a lysophospholipase process speeds up filtration by improving syrups' filtration properties. It also enhances their clarity and doesn’t significantly increase dextrose (DP1) generation.

Speed up your RVF rates

Lysophospholipids naturally present in starch - especially wheat starch - form micelles. These slow down your RVF (rotary vacuum filter) filtration rates.  Lysophospholipids can also combine with amylase to form clouds in the filtrate.

Lysophospholipases break down lysophospholipids. The result is a faster flux rate and clearer final syrup.

Speed up RVF rates

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