Novamyl® BestBite:
Discover a perfectly balanced bite

From the inventors of freshkeeping enzymes, comes yet another groundbreaking solution to revolutionize how you bake today.

Introducing Novamyl® BestBite, a one-of-a-kind biosolution that raises the bar for texture in bread.

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Bake no-compromise bread with Novamyl® BestBite

When it comes to bread, formulators and bakers have always had to choose between three essential characteristics: softness, moistness, and resilience. Bread that was soft and moist lacked resilience; bread that was resilient and soft lacked moistness; and so forth. Not anymore!

With Novamyl® BestBite, your bread achieves a perfectly balanced bite that encompasses all essential characteristics. The result: Bread that makes your consumers come back, again and again... and again!

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A perfectly balanced texture experience like no other

With Novamyl® BestBite, your bread gets a superior texture, unlike anything you've eaten before. Look forward to...

A perfectly balanced bite that is soft, moist, and resilient

Fresher than freshly-baked bread; Bread that has unparalleled freshness, straight out of the oven

Fresher throughout shelf life; trained consumer panels that have tasted bread made with Novamyl® BestBite can't tell the difference between freshly-baked bread and two-week-old bread

Fresh soft bread with resilient bite

How does Novamyl® BestBite work - A mode of action video

Watch how Novamyl® BestBite - our revolutionary amyloglucosidase - delivers a soft yet resilient bite in baked goods.

Besides lending a perfectly balanced bite to your baked goods, Novamyl® BestBite also works in a way that enables you to cut the amount of added sugar from your recipe.

Novamyl® BestBite, like other Novozymes enzymatic processing aids, helps you bake in the most natural way possible.

An added opportunity to optimize your recipe

An added opportunity with Novamyl® BestBite is the chance to cut added sugar, by up to 50% and sometimes even 75%! Look forward to...

The potential to save on sugar, emulsifier, and yeast costs

The potential of a cleaner product label that comes from simplifying your recipe and using enzymes as a natural processing aid

The same taste that your consumers cherish in your brand; trained sensory panels confirm no difference in sweetness levels when comparing bread with standard sugar level to bread baked with Novamyl® BestBite and 50% less added sugar

Optimize your recipe

How does Novamyl® BestBite reduce dependence on emulsifiers?

While commonly used emulsifiers like SSL, DATEM, and DMG might help you with dough strengthening, softness, whiteness, and even volume, they are not perfect. Not only must emulsifiers be specified on your product label unlike enzymes but also, they create complexes and negatively impact resilience.

What's more, emulsifiers can impair Novamyl® BestBite from creating the rounded eating experience that consumers enjoy. Get in touch if you'd like us to help you with reformulation.


What are the most-seen consumer buying patterns?

And how can makers and formulators of packaged baked goods adapt to these buying habits?

The challenge continues for formulators and makers of packaged baked goods: it began with a pandemic followed by international conflicts, and now the ongoing economic crisis.

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Expand your texture toolbox in baking

How can texture influence consumers choice?

How texture can influence consumers choice

What's missing in your baking toolbox today?

What’s missing in your baking toolbox today

How can you differentiate your baked goods with Novamyl® BestBite?

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How does a bread recipe optimized with Novamyl® BestBite look?


How is Novamyl® BestBite different from other products in the Novamyl family?

How novamyl bestbite is different from other products in the novamyl family

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Why enzymes from

At Novozymes, we're proud to have invented the freshness category for the baking industry.

For more than 30 years, our Novamyl® family of products has defined the enzyme market for freshkeeping. And our customers have used them to save an estimated 80 billion loaves of bread from being thrown away. If you stacked those loaves up, they'd reach to the moon and back ten times.

Novozymes is a global leader in biosolutions that helps food and beverage brands innovate for:

  • A cleaner, simpler label
  • A greener sustainability profile
  • Better costs for the brand and its consumers

Get in touch with us and grow your brand the future-proof way.

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