Good start to 2017 with progress on our strategic priorities. Sales and earnings on track.


New detergent enzyme blends

Novozymes launches new Medley® blends to help detergent manufacturers in emerging markets apply enzymes in water-rich detergents.


More from one acre

Imagine if you could take one acre of corn in the U.S. and add biosolutions to increase productivity and reduce environmental impact. Our new report, The Acre Study, shows how it works.


What we do

Our industrial enzymes and microorganisms improve production efficiency and save energy and raw materials.

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More from one acre?

We can solve global problems by making farmland much more productive. The Acre Study explains how.

Meet the Petersons

Find out how enzymes are present in everyday life.

World of microbes

Find out how microbial solutions help customers in bioagriculture, animal health and nutrition, wastewater and cleaning.