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Novozymes and Chr. Hansen to combine and create a leading global biosolutions partner

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Shareholders of Novozymes and Chr. Hansen have approved the combination


The Novozymes Report 2022

Novozymes is delivering strong growth and earnings in a volatile market environment with 9% organic sales growth in 2022. This marks the highest organic sales growth in more than a decade, and Novozymes is confident about the 2023 outlook of 4-7%.

Global challenges are queuing up. One key solution might be smaller than you think - microscopic even.  

Nevertheless, it holds the answer to solving multiple challenges at the same time. And there is so much left to discover. 


Everything we do is driven by three commitments

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Accelerating towards a climate- neutral society

55 billion tonnes. That’s what our combined CO2 equivalent emissions come to in just one year. Together with our customers, we’re lowering emissions in industry and food production. We’re also removing fossil-based ingredients from everyday products and capturing carbon. All to protect the planet we love.

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Transforming food systems

9.7 billion people will need food in 2050. That means we need to rethink food production from field to fork. With biosolutions, our customers are growing more per acre and ensuring better quality, more nutritious food. They’re generating less food waste and serving up plant-based and alternative proteins. This is the recipe that can help us meet our future needs.

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Enabling healthier lives

In supermarkets and health stores around the world, more and more people are looking for ways to improve their wellbeing and health. Our biosolutions provide supplements for better gut health. They also make lower-sugar, higher-fiber dairy possible. And they lead to healthier baked goods. These are just some of the ways they enable healthier lives.

Find answers to perfect textures in plant-based meat

Consumers want more plant-based meat, but they wont compromise on their experience. With Vertera® ProBite, they dont have to.

Plant based meat_

Discover a perfectly balanced bite

From the inventors of freshkeeping enzymes, comes yet another groundbreaking solution to revolutionize how you bake today. Introducing Novamyl® BestBite, a one-of-a-kind biosolution that raises the bar for texture in bread.

Novamyl best bite

Making carbon capture cleaner and smarter

Together with our partner Saipem, we use biosolutions to make carbon capture more affordable, sustainable and convenient

carbon capture

Turning cleaning inside out

Body grime is a mix of sweat and dead skin cells that builds up inside clothes, so they smell bad even after washing. The result? You need to buy new clothes, which is bad for the planet. Get clean clothes and a clean conscience with Pristine®.

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Reaping the benefits
of microbes

Plants can’t thrive – or even survive – without soil microbes. BioniQ® is packed full of bacteria and fungi that help crops access nutrients. It boosts yield potential and could even reduce chemical fertilizer usage.

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Limiting buildup of lead in children

With our biosolution SmartGuard™ we help limit daily lead build-up to safeguard childrens’ healthy development

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Why we should work together

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Real-world problems solved...

Working closely with customers across more than 30 industries, we gain expert insights into real-world problems. With a co-creation mindset, we’re constantly translating those insights into relevant biosolutions. These solve problems across 140 countries and are often adapted to local conditions based on your local needs.


...with our unparalleled biotech toolbox...

Our thousands of experts draw on the enzymes, fermented proteins and microorganisms in our toolbox. In their search for insights-based biosolutions, they harness cutting-edge technologies such as gene-reading and handling, strain constructions and high-throughput screening.


...and ability to produce and deliver at scale

The journey from your needs to our lab to global scale is a fast and efficient one, thanks to our unique fermentation, production and supply-chain capabilities. These span the globe, helping to ensure that we always deliver high-quality products to you at cost-effective, commercial scale.

What if your job was to grow, not just to work

Sara Mesquita is a lead data scientist in Novozymes. Every day, she finds patterns in what may seem overwhelming amounts of information. Using e.g. machine learning, deep learning and advanced analytics, she helps us develop the best biosolutions for our customers and the world.