Integrating sustainability

The core of our business 

To ensure that we add value across our stakeholder ecosystem, we integrate sustainability into the core of our business, making it a key component of business strategies and management processes. 

Creating value for our customers

Our solutions help our customers cut costs and reduce their environmental impact.
Fluctuating raw material prices and volatile markets are an everyday reality for many of our customers. Our solutions can help them use raw materials more efficiently to reduce, or substitute, use of traditional chemicals with more sustainable alternatives. 
We can help customers develop Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies. These studies help identify the areas of a product life cycle that represent the biggest cost saving opportunities.
With climate change high on the agenda, many of our customers see sustainability as a differentiator. Our solutions enable our customers to produce more from less, often reducing the use of energy and chemicals as well as CO2 emissions.

Transparency and accountability

We communicate about our sustainability ambitions and performance through a number of channels.