Work for a cause, not just a company 

We invite you to join us in finding biological solutions to the world’s problems. Every year our products help cut global CO2 emissions by around 90 million tons.

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A new beginning to better our world

Chr. Hansen and Novozymes have joined forces to create Novonesis, a leading biosolutions partner.

Novonesis means ‘a new beginning’. It's derived from the Greek word ‘genesis’. And that’s what we offer: a new beginning based on the power of biology.

What if you could work for a cause, not just a company?

Rethink your impact


Rethink impact

What if you could work for a company, that works with your life?

Rethink your priorities


Rethink potential

What if your job was to grow, not just to work?

Rethink your potential


Rethink priorities

What if the whole world could benefit from your talent?

Rethink your impact


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What if you could co-create your own graduate program?

Rethink your potential


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Work for a cause

We want you to come here to grow, not just to work. We believe learning enables great performance, so it's crucial to our success. We're a pioneering company, so we need you to be eager to try new things. We want you to be motivated by challenges and unafraid to fail. We admire your drive to try again. And again.

We want you to work in a way that works with your life. Original thinking happens when you have the flexibility to focus and the freedom to unfold your strengths. This is key to our innovative power and how we became one of the top patent holders in the biotech industry.

If you're ready to join a global network fueled by diversity, personal freedom and mutual trust, reach out. And get ready to connect and grow your knowledge through sharing.

Together we find biological answers for better lives in a growing world.

Together we Rethink Tomorrow.

Are you ready for a new beginning?

You bring the talent, knowledge and dedication. We’ll bring the biology. Together we’ll better our world.

Our values

Dare to lead

Because the future is created by you

  • Strive to be the best
  • Never settle for what you have today
  • Set brave goals and follow through
  • Take initiative and volunteer yourself
  • Develop yourself and your team
Zymer in Lab located in Franklinton US

Unlock passion

Because passion makes dreams come alive

  • Inspire and excite others
  • Love what you do
  • Seek simple solutions fast
  • Focus on opportunities rather than barriers
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Trust and earn trust

Because nothing beats a circle of trust

  • Clarify expectations and keep your promises
  • Demonstrate professionalism
  • Empower others
  • Be open and honest
  • Take care of others
Zymers working togeather trusting eachother

Connect to create

Because the world is full of ideas

  • Seek to understand the bigger picture
  • Embrace diversity
  • Learn from the outside
  • Challenge conventions
  • Take pride in finding solutions with others
Zymers connecting and sharing ideas

Our global footprint

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Every year we help cut CO₂ emission by around:

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