Novozymes has engaged with the UN Global Compact (UNGC) since 2001 and has been a LEAD member since 2011. We actively support the UNGC’s global and regional work on key sustainability topics and participate in the UNGC’s local networks in Denmark, Brazil, USA, China and India. Novozymes is strongly committed to the Ten Principles of the UNGC and as a continuing member of the UNGC we prepare an annual Communication on Progress (CoP). For the year 2021, The Novozymes Report together with the additional information in Novozymes & the UNGC 2021 serves as our CoP. We also annually submit a CoP self-assessment to the UNGC. Refer our company profile at the UNGC website for more information.


Below you will find an archive of our Sustainability reports which includes our CoPs from previous years 2011-2020.


Novozymes COP 2020

Novozymes COP 2019

Novozymes COP 2018

Novozymes COP 2017

Novozymes COP 2016

Novozymes COP 2015

Novozymes COP 2014

Novozymes COP 2013

Novozymes COP 2012

Novozymes COP 2011