For an overview of our contributions to the SDGs, refer our latest SDG prospectus.

In 2015, 193 countries agreed on a global agenda to tackle some of humanity’s biggest challenges, from climate change to food security. Together with partners, Novozymes will play an active role in catalyzing sustainable solutions to some of these problems. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, aim to unite governments, NGOs, businesses and communities in driving the sustainability agenda for the greatest impact. Over the next 15 years, countries are expected to use these goals to frame policies, allocate financing and bring about changes that will help build a fairer and more sustainable world. Businesses have a key role to play here.

Novozymes is well positioned to deliver on the Global Goals

“Novozymes’ technology in bioenergy, detergents, agriculture, food and feed makes us well placed to help achieve the goals relating to food security, sustainable consumption and sustainable agriculture and energy,” says Claus Stig Pedersen, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Novozymes. “By understanding the Global Goals – the global challenges – we can target our innovation to meet the needs of the present and future generations”.

The SDGs have guided the development of our targets for fulfilling the company’s stated purpose of finding biological answers for better lives in growing world. Novozymes is among the forerunners in connecting business targets with the SDGs. This puts us in a better position to deal with future issues such as tougher environmental regulations, a price on carbon emissions, and the rising cost of natural resources like water.

“We know these factors will impact Novozymes’ business environment in the future, and by considering those aspects in how we prioritize our innovation pipeline, we will make it stronger,” says Pedersen. “Our targets will tell us whether we’re succeeding in helping the world become more sustainable, while also ensuring our company’s continued growth.”