Get crops off to a strong start with Torque® IF, Ratchet® from Novozymes

Powerful products use LCO promoter technologies to drive natural growth processes.

North Carolina, United States – June 8, 2022 – Spring planting will be later than growers would prefer this year due to Mother Nature. However, crops can still be set up for a successful growing season and harvest with two LCO promoter technologies from Novozymes, the world leader in biological solutions.

Torque IF and Ratchet are now registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These two powerful products can help many crops start strong during what will be a challenging growing year.

“Torque IF and Ratchet can help seedlings get the best start possible,” says Elizabeth Combs, Senior Manager, BioAg Global Business Development at Novozymes. “These easy-to-use LCO promoter technologies can enhance plants’ nutritional capabilities to drive natural growth processes.”

Torque IF is applied and works below the soil surface

Torque IF is a product for use on corn in-furrow that uses lipo-chitooligosaccharide (LCO) promoter technology to take crops’ genetic potential to a new level by maximizing plant health and crop performance. Torque IF is specially formulated for easy, flexible application with pop-up or liquid starter fertilizers. 

Under the soil surface, Torque IF works to improve lateral root development, increasing root biomass and creating longer main roots while enabling plants to better handle environmental pressures, resulting in increased yields.

“Torque IF works to increase stand uniformity and nutrient uptake,” says Jason Ward, Head of North America, BioAg Commercial Operations at Novozymes. “In addition, Torque IF can help mitigate stress on seedlings, increasing yields.”

Novozymes’ multiyear trials of Torque IF have demonstrated an improvement of 6 bushels/acre in corn with an 80%-win rate.


Ratchet Improves yields with increased photosynthetic capacity

Ratchet, a patented, foliar-applied LCO promoter technology, can be used on many crops, including corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, and cotton, to increase photosynthesis. By applying Ratchet, the crop is stimulated for increased photosynthesis, resulting in more sugar production, higher nutrient uptake, and improved plant health. 

Ratchet enhances plants’ nutritional capabilities and is formulated for ease of use and flexibility. Improving plant health by using Ratchet increases plants’ stress tolerance and yield performance. Combined with all its benefits, the technology drives yield and crop quality.

“With tank-mix flexibility and a low use rate, farmers can efficiently experience the benefits of LCO promoted technology with Ratchet,” says Ward. And with almost no extra effort, growers can give their crops an extra layer of assurance.

“Growers won’t have to make additional passes in the field to get the benefits of LCO promoter technology, so they’ll be saving time and getting the benefits of Torque IF and Ratchet,” finishes Ward.

Novozymes’ multiyear trials of Ratchet have demonstrated an improvement of 2 bushels/acre in soybeans and 5 bushels/acre in corn.

Torque IF + Ratchet: A powerful combination

Torque IF and Ratchet can both be used on crops in the same growing season: Torque IF during planting and Ratchet as a foliar application. This powerful combination of signaling molecules sets crops up for a successful and profitable harvest.

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