New enzyme solutions help detergent manufacturers tackle regionally relevant stains

Novozymes’ latest offering simplifies detergent manufacturing and offers specific blends that are effective on stain removal deemed important in different parts of the world.

Today, Novozymes launches Medley®, plug-and-play enzyme solutions for liquid detergents that can help detergent manufacturers to simplify production, improve washing performance and stand out from the competition. The resulting products secure whiter, brighter, and longer-lasting clothes for discerning detergent consumers.

Claims that meet consumers’ concerns

Irrespective of where detergent consumers are located in the world, their goal is the same – clean clothes to look great in. That is why consumers demand detergents that leave clothes whiter, retain colors better and preserve the fabric for longer, while beating every stain from tomato ketchup to sweat and mud. The stains that are most relevant can vary in each region, depending on which stains local consumers find the most difficult to treat. If detergent manufacturers realize that an enzymatic solution can better clean these stains than traditional detergents, then they can make claims such as ‘cares for colors’, ‘new fruit removing technology’, ‘extra enzyme power’ or ‘anti grease technology.’

“We considered the type of stain removal most needed in specific regions throughout the world when developing Medley®. Depending on where our customers are located, the stains they most wish to tackle could be could be curry stains, grease, baby food or coffee,” says Gøther Lars Birch Mathisen, Novozymes Household Care launch manager. “So we have Medley® solutions tailored to different regions, such as Europe, Asia, China and Africa. Starting today, Medley® will be launched in Europe where we have some of our most established customers – and this will be followed by regional rollouts for specific Medley® solutions.”

Blends based on extensive consumer surveys

In Europe, liquid detergents are growing in popularity – and consumers care about whether their detergent of choice is a sustainable one. Medley® comes in stable solutions optimized for liquid detergents, and has been developed to perform at the low temperatures the market is heading towards. Based on biodegradable enzymes, the solutions can also replace traditional oil-based ingredients.

There are five pre-made Medley® solutions targeting European detergent manufacturers - Essential, Pure and Brilliant, with Flex and Glow as supplement solutions. Based on extensive consumer surveys, these cover core cleaning, tough stain removal, increased whiteness all all-round cleaning tasks and fabric care.

“Medley® Essential is our basic solution and removes the most common European stains efficiently, with Medley® Pure adding to this by offering superior performance and tackling stains beyond the basic stain spectrum,” says Gøther Lars Birch Mathisen. “Medley® Flex focuses solely on this extra stain removal power, and offers the flexibility of including this in conjunction existing solutions.  Medley® Glow combines extra color and fabric care with essential stain removal.  And Medley® Brilliant is the ultimate solution, designed for the best performance. Brilliant offers the best stain removal with color and fabric care, and can also reduce fuzz and pills to keep the fabric looking new for longer.”

In Europe, as in every region, detergents are expected to offer value for money. Medley®strives to help detergent manufacturers meet this challenge - through simplifying, and saving costs, in production and procurement through supplying blends of enzymes in one package, and offering greater washing performance advantages.  This enables detergent manufactures to offer effective cleaning power at an affordable price.