Ethanol customers need the right products to make their plants more profitable, and a workforce equipped with the latest industry knowledge. Bioenergy University, a digital education platform for the ethanol industry developed and launched by Novozymes in summer 2015, is helping do that.

"The Bioenergy University platform provides a unique experience for online training tailored to customers' needs and to various job roles in biofuel plants. It’s another way we extend our support to biofuel customers,” says Rachel Burton, Novozymes Manager of Biofuel Technical Services.

The platform offers bite-size learning opportunities that fit around customers' busy lives, such as webinars, course modules and videos about many aspects of ethanol production, including enzyme functionality, pH levels and troubleshooting.

Tailor made training

Novozymes also offers courses tailored to meet training needs of specific customers. For instance, courses for ethanol plant cook operators, who monitor the liquefaction process where enzymes are added to production process to break down starch prior to fermentation.

Customers enrolled in Bioenergy University can navigate to service offerings, view information about upcoming in-person workshops and sign-up for online workshops. They can ask questions about current topics in the ethanol industry and get information about trends in the wider ethanol community.

“Selecting what to learn, and when, is a big plus for customers,” Rachel says. “Some customers select specific learning tracks, while others use whole modules for onboarding of new employees. Key to all is the level of customization, which is what customers really appreciate.”

What customers say

"The beginner track is extremely helpful for on-boarding new employees."

"I like that I can find all the technical reports and white papers about different parts of the process."

"There has been some operator turnover lately and this will really help get people trained. The flexibility of the self-paced online classes is very appealing."

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Words: Anni Nikogosian