Novozymes has launched Novozymes Progress® In, a new enzymatic solution to help detergent producers in emerging markets develop better detergents. The solution is Novozymes’ first tailor-made product for mass tier detergents in these markets.
People do laundry in different ways all over the world. As an example, it is normal for many African and Asian families to do laundry by hand five to six times weekly, often with each wash requiring up to six buckets of water. While habits differ, consumers want clean clothes and a detergent that can remove stubborn stains from mud, grass, vegetables and cooking oil.

“We have developed Novozymes Progress In for the emerging mass tier markets to help soapers produce better detergents. It can be used in powder detergents and aims to address the regional and local washing needs for stain removal and cleaner clothes," says Mikael Bechsgaard, Vice President at Novozymes. 

Working with global and regional partners, Novozymes already sells detergent solutions in emerging markets today, but the company’s enzymes are not used in mass tier detergents. A United Nations report says Africa and Asia will have the world’s fastest growing populations with an increasingly number of all people living in urban areas. 

Price matters 

Novozymes Progress In is a new enzyme solution for mass tier powder detergents. It removes the most common stains and is specifically developed to be very easy to implement into mass tier powder detergents. 

By switching from surfactants and chemicals to enzymes, detergent producers can save costs while delivering better cleaning performance. In turn, consumers will get cleaner clothes using less water, energy and effort.  

“The price is an important parameter for consumers when they choose their detergent. Novozymes Progress In will not add to the detergent producers’ costs as it allows them to reduce spend on chemicals,” Mikael Bechsgaard says.

Novozymes Progress In has been launched in Africa and Middle East and will then be rolled out to emerging markets in the rest of the world.

”It is our aim to expand sales of Progress In in other emerging markets as well,” says Mikael Bechsgaard. “We will continue to develop enzyme solutions specifically for these geographies because they require regionally optimized innovation at low cost.”