Novozyme Innovation Campus: a hotspot for biotechnology in the oils & fats industry

In 2019, Novozymes opened its new Innovation Campus near Copenhagen, Denmark, hosting 800 employees with the ambition to create a global hub for biotechnology research.

The Innovation Campus builds on Novozymes’ world-leading expertise in enzymes and microbes, and provides the experts, technologies and equipment to help unlock business opportunities throughout a number of different industries, including oils & fats.

Lyngby-innovation campus

”Around the world, many oils & fats processors are shifting to biotechnology-based processing technologies to improve efficiency and create new end-products,” says Daniel Cardinali, Global Head of Oil & Fats Processing at Novozymes. “The Innovation Campus brings together our customers with our scientists and engineers who help them both to innovate and succeed in improving their oils & fats processes.”

Discovering new enzymes

Hans Christian Holm, Novozymes Scientist

Today, Novozymes has a product portfolio with more than 10 enzymes for oils & fats processors, ranging from extraction and refining to transformation of vegetable oils into margarine, oleochemicals and biodiesel.

But it doesn’t stop there. Equipped with more than 97 laboratories, the Innovation Campus is an integral part of Novozymes’ global innovation network. There, Novozymes scientists and engineers are constantly working on new enzymes and products that can serve the various needs of the oils & fats industry. Some of the most recent launches include a new phoshoplipase C for degumming of vegetable oil (Novozmes Quara® Boost) and an immobilized lipase for production of oleochemicals (Novozymes Lipura® Flex).

”Innovation is in our DNA and we regularly engage with the oils & fats industry to understand how enzymes can help them save money while allowing them to meet demands for healthiness and environmental responsibility,” says Hans Christian Holm, scientist at Novozymes.


Tailor-making solutions for each customer

Chinmayi Bhatt, Novozymes Industry Technology Specialist

The Innovation Campus also supports customers on a range of oils & fats applications throughout the stages of working with enzyme technology including feasibility, implementation and optimization.

”Adopting biotechnology in the oils & fats industry comes with a unique set of challenges and requires a holistic approach,” says Chinmayi Bhatt, industry technology specialist. “Most oils & fats producers are accustomed to chemicals rather than biological molecules like enzymes. With the resources we have here, we can help educate and support our customers in their journey of working with enzymes, such as analyzing the phosholipid composition of crude vegetable oil using 31P-NMR to determine the potential yield gain with enzymes, or providing proof-of-concept the enzymes are able to convert a broad mix of waste-based feedstocks into FAME biodiesel. ”

Chinmayi Bhatt

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