Do more for less – the key to long-term brand success

As household budgets tighten, consumers rely more than ever on their favorite brands to deliver both value for money and high performance. For detergent manufacturers, reformulation is the best cost-saving strategy.

With Novozymes, you can upgrade your current formulation – at cost neutrality or even cost savings!

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Do more at less cost

Indian consumers are increasingly looking for ‘value for money’ options - leading brands to innovate in order to future-proof their business. When it comes to detergent brands, detergent manufacturers must invest in developing more cost-efficient formulations without compromising on performance delivery. 
Reactive cost-cutting measures come with short-term benefits but can cause harm to both detergent performance and a brand’s longstanding reputation among its consumers.
Novozymes can help you avoid the risks associated with reactive cost-cutting measures – by upgrading your formulation at cost neutrality or even cost savings!

Do more in less time

The last thing time-pressed consumers want is to have to rewash or reclean. When they show loyalty to a brand, it’s because it cleans once and cleans right. Enzymes deliver faster results so that consumers who have less time on their hands can spend their time and energy where they are most needed.

Do more with less dosage

Enzymes are the most weight-efficient functional ingredients, meaning that they deliver high performance even at small dosages. Less dosage also means greater operational ease as compared to other functional ingredients. In addition, enzymes also enable more eco-friendly formulations, helping you do more with fewer chemicals and fossil-fuel ingredients. 

Do more with Novozymes

By innovating with Novozymes, you innovate for success. Our world-class technical experts and reformulation capabilities are at your service. By contacting us, you can also get access to our intuitive tool Laundry Lab, and more.

Get more for what you already spend today. Reformulate with one of our latest enzyme blends that focus on superior performance – while keeping your cost neutral or even saving costs. 

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