For your consumer, economizing is meeting eco-friendly. Are you keeping pace?

Modern consumers are increasingly trying to stretch their wallets while maintaining an underlying sustainable approach. These decisions result in key buying and consumption trends. Brands that enable these consumer decisions by meeting their evolving expectations will emerge victorious in this economically-volatile market.

Consumers are choosing maximum value detergents

Modern consumers want the best of both worlds

Today’s consumers want it all: performance, making the most of their money, and making sustainable purchasing decisions. A closer look at evolving consumer behaviors shows that consumers are making more conscious purchasing and consumption decisions: 

  • A growing number of European consumers are making a conscious effort to launder less, wash fuller loads, and turn down the wash temperature in an effort to save on energy costs and extend the lifetime of their clothes. They're also experiencing 'laundry guilt' where 48% of adults across Europe now feel guilty about the impact that doing laundry has on the environment - particularly the 18-34-year-olds.
  • Consumers are also wearing their clothes more times between washes and increasingly purchasing second hand clothing. The US online fashion resale volume will nearly double between 2022 and 2026, when it will cross USD 23 billion. The EU fashion second-hand market is set to double by 2025, reaching a total of EUR 34 billion. Consumers need solutions to extend the lifetime of their clothes and keep beloved items looking newer for longer. 

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Care benefits as a value driver for detergent brand success

9th November 2023 at 3 PM CET / 9 AM EDT

How your laundry brand can deliver maximum value to consumers

As consumers continue prioritizing both smart spending and sustainability impact in their purchases, they need support to reach their goals. There is an unmet need in the market for detergents that fight tough stains and deliver care to make clothes last and look new for longer. Today, many brands offer separate products for either deep cleaning or fabric care. As consumers stretch their wallets further, they will seek solutions that combine benefits to streamline their purchases and decision fatigue.

  • It is known that brands that innovate during a crisis are the ones that bounce back faster once the crisis ends. Brands that innovate to maximize value to consumers will emerge victorious in an economically uncertain world — and build on this success once the markets settle.
  • A closer look at your brand portfolio and claims is essential to keep pace. Investing in margin-friendly innovation will lend power to your claims and ensure consumers to take notice.
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Meet the technology that solves your consumers' biggest unmet need today

Your consumers are not only buying more pre-loved clothes, but they are also wanting to extend the lifetime of their wardrobe. High-performing detergents today don't care for clothes, and delicate detergents don't do the heavy duty of stain removal. A detergent that can do both is hard to come by. This is largely an unmet need in the market. So why can't detergent brands just make one?

Formulating a detergent is no easy task. To add to the complexity, fabric care ingredients (aka care cellulases) and stain removal ingredients (aka proteases) have historically shared a hate-hate relationship. This has made it challenging to create high-performing detergents that also care for clothes, and delicate-fabric detergents that can also remove stains. In the presence of this hate-hate relationship, what’s a detergent brand to do?

Meet Carezyme Elite - the only biosolution on the market that enables fabric care ingredients and stain removal ingredients in detergents to share a love-love relationship.

Together, we rethink your future of clean - with biosolutions

Groundbreaking innovation - for you

We make your brand objectives our innovation focus. Novozymes invests serious resources in R&D, bringing solutions to the market like no other. You've already met one of them - Carezyme® Elite, the only solution engineered to nurture a love-love relationship between fabric care ingredients and stain removal ingredients. Our collaboration abilities span technical, marketing, and future-proofing co-creation - and we use them to develop solutions that fit YOUR future of clean.

Detergent production with enzymes

Meet your consumers where they are

Our commercial wing is anchored close to our innovation wing. This means that we have a finger on the pulse of market trends and leverage them to build consumer-centric solutions. Whether it is helping your consumers save energy and time or delivering a sensory experience to drive nostalgia and brand loyalty, we help you create a great feeling of clean across formats and washing methods.

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A more accessible, sustainable future

The power of nature – our biosolutions – enables a wide range of environmental and performance benefits. Using enzymes in your laundry portfolio can help optimize operating costs and balance performance, sustainability, and cost in formulations. Mitigate the risk of supply chain disruption and get your brands on the shelf in time and at the right price point - at the same time shrinking your detergent's carbon footprint and helping consumers reduce theirs.

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