A yeast Fit for purpose

From its yeast platform, Novozymes launches Fit – helping ethanol producers break bottlenecks, while creating plant efficiencies. Fit is the fourth launch from the Innova® platform, which has quickly become the industry benchmark.

At the National Ethanol Conference (NEC) today, Novozymes announced the launch of its next yeast technology, Innova Fit. Fit is the most advanced non-GM yeast in the market – eliminating production constraints caused by conventional and basic yeasts.

“Conventional yeasts often cause plants to struggle with the rigors of today’s fermentation challenges and production demands – and producers are left without choices and hands are tied,” says Brian Brazeau, Novozymes’ Vice President, Bioenergy Commercial, and President, North America. “Our goal is to advance the entire industry through our microbial expertise; Innova Fit overcomes the major challenge of advancing and debottlenecking fermentation.”

Fit provides ethanol plants with flexibility to achieve operational targets, while improving performance with enhanced reliability. The advanced Innova yeast allows producers to maximize inputs, achieve throughput, and production targets, without losing ethanol yield to common stressors such as high temperature. Moreover, Fit enables plants to significantly improve throughput and plant efficiency. 

Novozymes’ Innova platform: Customers vote for reliability, durability, performance

Since 2018, Novozymes has released four yeast solutions as part of its ambitious Innova platform. As the global leader in microbial solutions, the company has delivered on its promise to quickly bring new yeast and enzyme technology to a market longing for innovation. 

“In less than two years, Innova yeasts have been widely adopted by the industry,” says Brian Brazeau. “Our focus remains on bringing Innova technology for improved reliability and trust, to debottleneck plants – freeing them up to improve plant performance and maximize input investment.”

Novozymes’ approach is through holistic yeast and enzymatic optimization. Yeast developed to excel through tough operating conditions enables producers to free up energy for optimal performance, whilst reducing costly variability. Paired with novel starch and glucose conversion solutions, plants maximize production and increase ethanol, by reducing residual starch by up to 25% and lowering expensive inputs.

The future of Innova yeasts

Looking ahead, Novozymes wants to deliver solutions customers need to reach their unique targets – such as starch, fiber, corn oil, protein, unique end markets and future biorefinery opportunities. The company seeks to illuminate and understand production challenges and needs that can be overcome with the power of biological solutions for sustainable, profitable production. 

“The Innova launches together deliver the most holistic, sustainable, and advanced approach to ethanol production, all based on customer needs and our commitment to a better tomorrow using the power of biology,” concludes Brian Brazeau. “With the launch today, delivering Innova Fit to the industry enables another segment of producers to enjoy production technology advancements for fermentation never available before – meeting their market and production demands.”

Innova Fit – Convert. Push. Trust.

Powers through high temperature excursions without sacrificing yield: Higher yields during fermentation temperature excursions, up to 36⁰C/96⁰F, reducing variability and process upsets.

Expands throughput by fermenting high dry solids: Developed to withstand the rigors of hard running plants, Innova Fit can ferment up to 36% dry solids while tolerating high ethanol titers in fermentation.

Increases ethanol yield up to 2%: Operating in a wide variety of fermentation times, Innova Fit excels in fermentations between 55 and 65 hours. As a drop-in solution, Fit converts more sugar to ethanol versus other non-GM yeasts to improve plant profitability.

May reduce your need for yeast nutritional supplements: While many yeasts use urea and yeast food to support fermentation, Innova Fit could significantly reduce these costly inputs.

Developing Innova in partnership

Yeast and its development are a strategic growth area where Novozymes will continue working with innovation partners in the industry. Its Innova yeast products are the result of a dedicated development partnership with Microbiogen to bring new yeast technology to the market.  

Based in Australia, Microbiogen is an industrial biotechnology company specializing in the development of improved, industrial yeast strains.  

Marrying Microbiogen’s yeast development technology with Novozymes’ enzyme expertise and microbial application know-how have resulted in the industry leading, robust performance characteristics, which define the Innova technology and reset industry expectations for yeast performance