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For RAS systems

Biotechnology – in the form of biofilters - is the driving force behind every Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). Biotechnology also drives our world-leading portfolio of microbial and enzymatic solutions. For more than half a century, our microbial scientists have used the power of biotech to unlock growth. Our solutions support traditional aquaculture, animal health and nutrition, agriculture and many industries. Now our range of BioRas® biological solutions are unlocking growth in RAS facilities.

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BioRas® - a growing family of products for RAS

From sensitive biofilters to parasites and disease, RAS facilities face a range of challenges. Our growing BioRas® family of microbial and enzymatic solutions help your facility overcome them. We source the active ingredients in BioRas® products from our proprietary microbial strain collection, one of the world’s largest. And because BioRas® solutions are based on biology, they work in harmony with your facility’s biofilter. The result is improved biosecurity and higher productivity.


Boost your biofilter’s efficiency

The slow growth and sensitivity of nitrifying bacteria can lead to unpredictability and delays in biofilter start-up and restart. These impact the bottom line in RAS projects.  

BioRas® TAN helps keep your start-up projects on track by cutting the time it takes to move to target biomass and feed rate. It also cuts restart-related downtime to give you more production cycles and higher profitability.  

Robust biosecurity with no impact on biofilter

BioRas® Balance rapidly neutralizes residual hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). That enables rapid, effective disinfection and disease-control protocols while maintaining biofilter stability.  

BioRas® Balance brings both therapeutic and disinfection doses of H2O2 to below-detectable levels in less than 10 minutes. With this easy-to-use treatment, you can balance biosecurity best practice and productivity.  

Convert seafood co-products into high-value protein-rich ingredients

Produce fish and seafood protein extracts, natural flavors and flavor enhancers from seafood co-products with our enzymes for seafood protein hydrolysates.

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