Warm water aquaculture

Microbes for warm water aquaculture

Improve feeding rates, body weight, growth and yield

shrimp pond microbial clean disease prevention

Healthier aquaculture crops for a healthier bottom line

By reducing mortality rates, our products for farming of warm water species ensure you have more to sell at the end of every crop cycle. They improve water conditions and reduce the risk of disease. All this can help improve feeding rates, body weight, growth and yield. The end result is a healthier bottom line for your business.

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Find solutions to 20 common issues in shrimp farming

From loose shell syndrome to white muscle, many common challenges in shrimp farming can hurt your bottom line. Explore our video series to understand the causes of these problems and find solutions.

Reduce toxic Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Levels and Increase Survival

Hydrogen sulfide forms in the sludge layer of the pond and can reduce growth or reduce survival your crop. Our products prevent and treat H2S directly at its source before it has a chance to become a serious problem that impacts feeding, growth, and survival.

white leg shrimp in aquaculture

Achieve and maintain optimal water conditions

Poor water conditions increase stress on your crop. Our products help maintain optimal conditions ensuring a stable phytoplankton bloom throughout the crop cycle. We have products that give a cleaner pond bottom by digesting the excess feed and sludge that contribute to poor water quality.

Pangasius fishes in a pond for aquaculture

Convert seafood co-products into high-value protein-rich ingredients

Produce fish and seafood protein extracts, natural flavors and flavor enhancers from seafood co-products with our enzymes for seafood protein hydrolysates.

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