Enzymes for juice clarification

Fast clarification, clear stable juices

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Efficient pectin and starch degradation

Whether acidic or sweet, fruit juice contains high levels of pectin and starch. With our solutions, you can achieve a complete breakdown of pectin and starch. The result is fast, efficient clarification and fining, in both freshly harvested and stored fruits. Our flexible solutions work with all your existing clarification equipment.

Avoid post-haze, maximize clarification speed

Post-haze forms in juice concentrates over time because of residual pectin and starch. By fully degrading them, our enzymes deliver clear, stable juices and concentrates. They also increase flux rate during cross-flow filtration of juice. This leads to faster clarification.

Juice in the tropics

A range if benefits in ultrafiltration

Increasing flux rate means you can achieve higher throughput in your filtration unit. That enhances your capacity utilization and reduces your energy consumption. It also allows you to go longer between cleaning cycles and reduce sludge levels in your cleaning tank.

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Which product is right for you?

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