Remove stubborn body grime with Novozymes enzymatic solutions

You might not think about it, but body grime is one of the most abundant soils in your textiles and it’s present in every wash load. Learn more about it here.

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The invisible challenge of body grime

To the naked eye, your textiles may appear to be clean after washing. But if you take a closer look and dive deep into the fabric fibers, you will find body grime and dirt sticking to the fabric. And because body grime is resistant to traditional detergents, it continues to accumulate in layers. So no matter how many times you wash your clothes or bedsheets, body grime stays put. Unfortunately, laundry detergent and most detergent supplements like laundry sanitizers and fragrance boosters are not able to remove body grime, or mask it completely.

What's the issue for consumers?

Consumers may not think about body grime as such. They don’t see it, hence it’s not top of mind. But what is top of mind is the fact that their clothes easily lose their brightness after wash. That their clothes still smell sweaty. And that they don’t want bacteria in their laundry load or clothes.

The problem with body grime is that it’s sticky. Not only do these body-based soils latch onto textiles that are in touch with your skin, but they trap dirt particles from the surroundings too. And if you don’t remove the root cause – the body grime – new dirt will continue to latch on, and particles that cause odor will continue to grow.

In the end, this all leads to discoloration and smelly textiles.

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How can we help consumers get rid of body grime?

Novozymes Pristine® is a PDE enzyme, developed specifically to take care of this problem. It gently breaks down body grime and eliminates the root cause of the problem – a natural clothes whitener that doesn’t cover anything up. 

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Relevant consumer challenges from body grime

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Up to 50% of consumers regard smell as the primary reason for washing an item.



54% of consumers consider clothes worn out after 20 washes, mainly because of losing the original appearance.

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Hygiene is top of mind for consumers and this trend will likely continue well beyond 2021.

Watch our new solution break down body grime

Novozymes Pristine®  breaks down sticky body grime, which is the root cause of malodor and discoloration, and offers a whole new dimension of clean.

Watch how body grime develops in textiles and is released with Pristine®.

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