Enzymes for plant-based dairy alternatives

Win over consumers at first sip, scoop or slurp

There’s no doubt that consumers are calling for more plant-based dairy. The question is, how do you make the perfect product that consumers will love?

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Novozymes biological solutions help you create your plant-based dairy the way you want it

Whether that’s improved nutritional value, nicer texture or better taste. We can also help you explore unchartered territories and help differentiate your products so that consumers will choose your plant-based drink or yoghurt alternative the next time they go grocery shopping.

Plant-based dairy take on the world

As more consumers embrace a vegetarian or flexitarian lifestyle, plant-based foods are becoming increasingly popular. 

​Plant-based drinks is the most developed of all the categories in the plant-based foods space, and, in fact, according to Future Market Insights, global sales of dairy alternatives have doubled from 2016 to 2020.

​One of the reasons is that consumers are growing more aware of their health and consider plant-based dairy a healthy choice.

​The rapid growth means that innovations in the plant-based dairy space are abundant, and the variety of dairy alternatives is plentiful. And this leaves something for every taste – and more to come.

​Do you want to tap into this opportunity-rich market?

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Discover new textures for your​ high-protein yogurt alternatives​

Consumers are increasingly looking for nutritious foods, and high-protein yogurt alternatives are a great way to get some more protein.

The challenge is that plant-based yogurt alternatives tend to get lumpy when you include a high level of protein. But not with Galaya® Smooth.

Galaya® Smooth is designed to improve texture in high-protein yogurt alternatives, delivering up to 9% protein content to satisfy nutrient-hungry consumers. It’s is exceptionally good at providing that silky smooth yogurt-like texture, and it doesn’t require any labelling on the final product.

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Three challenges in plant-based dairy

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Health & nutrition

Consumers love milk for its nutritional properties. While plants too are nutritious, their properties change when turned into liquid. And sometimes you might consider adding sugar to make it sweeter. So how do you maintain the healthful plant-based beverage that consumers demand?



Humans have been enjoying the smoothness of dairy products for thousands of years. One could argue that our palette is well-adjusted for enjoying dairy products. How can plant-based dairy match that sensory mouthfeel experience that’s almost coded into our DNA?

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Taste means everything. If consumers don’t like your plant-based dairy product, they’re not likely to come back for more. But what do good plant-based dairy taste like? And how do you hit the mark when it comes to consumer taste?

Achieve excellent texture in oat beverages

Oats are a rewarding substrate to work with when you’re developing plant-based dairy. But one key factor for oat-based beverages is to get texture right and make sure that mouthfeel is spot-on.

Novozymes BAN® helps you efficiently achieve the ideal viscosity, so you get a mouthfeel that resonates with your consumers – plus, it can help adjust your oat milk's sweetness profile too.

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Delicious, delightful dairy alternatives

Dairy has been a consumer favorite for centuries. But now plant-based are gaining traction, and they’re striving towards the well-known dairy texture that consumers know and love.

Our sustainable biosolutions help you unlock the full potential of your plant-based dairy. The solutions enable you to reduce added sugar, increase the nutritional profile, and get your products closer to the taste and texture you (well, consumers) want.

Our solutions have no impact on your label. Instead, you can use fewer ingredients and additives to achieve the sensory experience that consumers recognize and prefer.

Sound complex? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the entire process, from raw materials to final product.

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CO2 reduction by going plant-based

Clear sustainability benefits

Plant-based dairy are seeing a continuous rise in sales and consumption across the globe. In the U.S. alone, sales skyrocketed to $2.5 billion in 2020.


While many types of plant-based drinks are gaining consumer interest, one substrate can offer producers new opportunities in sustainability that other substrates are not yet able to: Oats.


Learn the facts about oats and how you can turn them around to deliver on consumer demand for more sustainable food and beverages.

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Why oat drinks are the next big thing

Consumers still love milk. But many are embracing a vegetarian or flexitarian lifestyle. This means they’re integrating plant-based foods into at least a portion of their overall diet and reducing their consumption of animal-derived goods.


Today’s well-assorted supermarkets offer a wide range of plant-based drinks from rice to almonds. And rumors of barley and bananas as new bases for plant-based beverages are swarming.


Yet so far, oats-based beverages is one of the most popular choices, growing 30% year over year. But what makes oats so special?

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How to bring your oat beverage to the market

Oats are a rewarding material to work with when you’re producing dairy alternatives. They’re not only easy to source and work with, they’re also nutritious and have a close association with milk in being a popular breakfast choice.


Enzymes are a key component when it comes to oat drinks production and creating the taste and texture that keeps your consumers satisfied.


In our whitepaper, you’ll learn about what you need to consider when starting oat-based drinks production and how to bring your product quickly to market with enzymes.

We have you covered

From production setup to final oat beverage

Novozymes has the most extensive biosolutions toolbox for getting you started on accelerating your brand in oat-based dairy. 

The stomach-friendly dairy

​According to the World Allergy Association, up to 520 million people live with a food allergy. One of the more widespread allergies overall is lactose malabsorption, and for younger children and infants specifically, mediated cow’s milk allergy (immunoglobulin) is most common.

​There are good reasons to invest in the skyrocketing market of plant-based dairy. The question is, which substrate are you interested turning into a plant-based drink?

Which solution is the right one for you?

  pH Range Optimal temparature range, C
BAN 480LS 4 - 7 60 - 85
Fungamyl 800 L 4 - 7 40 - 60
Amylase AG 300 3 - 7 40 - 60
Maltogenase 4 - 7 60 - 85
Neutrase for Oats 5 - 9 40 - 60
Formea Sol for oats 6 - 10  40 - 70

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