The answers to better plant-based dairy alternatives are inside

Consumers want dairy alternatives with great taste, texture and nutritional profile. And they also want shorter ingredient lists. To give them what they want, you need to find answers to a range of complex questions. But in fact, the answers to dairy alternatives consumers will love are inside the plants, waiting to be found. Best of all, you can find them with just one toolbox: biosolutions.

Enzymatic biosolutions bring benefits to your entire value chain. Unlike ingredients, enzymes for plant-based dairy transform your raw materials, unlocking inherent flavor, texture and nutritional benefits. And as natural processing aids, they do all this in a consumer-friendly way.
With biosolutions, the answers are inside

The challenges

Plant-based spreads, drinks and vegurts are a significant opportunity, but giving consumers everything they want from dairy analogs like these can be a challenge. Turn the challenge into an opportunity with our biosolutions.

15% of consumers give texture as the reason for not continuing to purchase plant-based dairy¹

Woman feeling plant-based vogurt texture
Bioshapes with text 28.9%

of consumers give taste as the main reason for not consuming plant-based dairy alternatives²


Bioshapes with text 15%

of consumers believe "dairy provides better nutrition" than plant-based dairy³


Bioshape with text 5th

reason for not consuming plant-based dairy is the perception that it’s more processed than dairy⁴


The answers to great taste are inside

Our biosolutions for oat drinks target starch molecule bonds in oats. They all work in different ways to deliver different benefits. Some break starch down into sugars, so you can increase sweetness levels without adding more sugar.

Two oat drinks with great taste

The answers to great texture are inside

Soy’s high protein levels makes it ideal for high-protein vegurts. But its natural grittiness can leave your vegurt with unappealing textures. We have a biosolution that specifically targets and breaks down the amino acid chains in legumes for reduced grittiness.

With and without Galaya® Smooth demonstration

The answers to high protein are inside

The same biosolution that makes soy vegurts smoother can give them protein levels as high as 9%. We also have biosolutions that improve protein solubility in oat drinks, so you can give consumers the higher protein levels they demand.

The answers to shorter ingredient lists are inside

Consumers are increasingly demanding less processed plant-based drinks with fewer ingredients. Our enzymatic biosolutions are natural processing aids, so they’re not functional in the final product. That makes them the consumer-friendly choice for meeting these market demands.

Consumer in supermarket checking the ingredient list of a plant-based drink product

Looking for the answers to better oat drinks?

You’re looking for answers to multiple, complex questions to help you succeed in the oat-based drink space. But in fact, the answers are inside the oats, waiting to be found. Best of all, you can find them with just one toolbox. 

Our oat drinks toolbox of enzymes for plant-based dairy helps you unlock inherent flavor, texture and nutritional benefits, so you can give consumers what they want.

49% say health is the main reason for choosing vegurts

Consumers perceive vegurts as healthy, and to keep up with that trend your product needs to offer high nutritional value.

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For 60 years, we’ve been winning the trust of our partners across the food and beverage industry. We serve dairies, bakeries, breweries, grain and starch plants and – for the last 30 years - plant-based food producers.

But the plant-based space is changing rapidly, and the only certainty about its future is that you’ll need to find answers to ever-more complex questions to succeed.

We can help with high-quality market insights and foresights. And from precision fermentation to functional foods, we have expertise in a range of applications that are highly relevant to the future of alternative proteins. That makes us the right partner to help you find answers for the future of plant-based.

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BAN® is a high-quality endo alpha-amylase that liquefies oat starch. It produces low viscosity oat-based drinks.

Plant-based BAN packshot

Neutrase® for Oats

Neutrase® is a high quality broad-spectrum endo-protease that provides a mild hydrolysis. It can be used to improve protein solubility.

Plant-based Neutrase packshot

Formea® Sol for oats

Formea® Sol is a high-quality endo-protease. It’s best in class for solubilizing and extracting the protein content of oat and other grains, which makes it easier for you to increase the soluble protein content of your beverage.

Plant-based Formea sol for oats packshot

Galaya® Smooth

​Galaya® Smooth is a specific protease that enables yogurt alternatives manufacturers to increase the content of added proteins while achieving the delicious and desired smooth texture that consumers want.

Plant-based Galaya smooth packshot


Fungamyl® is a blend of high-quality exo- and endo-acting alpha-amylases. It delivers a prolonged reaction which leads to maltose formation. The result is mildly sweet oat-based drinks.

Plant-based Fungamyl packshot


Maltogenase® is a high-quality heat-stable exo-acting maltogenic amylase. By releasing maltose it enables the production of mildly sweet oat-based drinks.

Plant-based Maltogenase packshot

Amylase AG 300 L

Amylase AG 300 L is a high-quality exo-glucoamylase. It hydrolyzes maltose into glucose, which makes it suitable for producing highly sweet oat-based beverages.

Plant-based AMG packshot


Termamyl® is a high-quality thermostable endo-acting alpha amylase. It's used to liquefy oat starch. It produces oat-based drinks with moderate viscosity.

Plant-based Termamyl packshot

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