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Your customers aim to make plant-based foods and drinks that consumers love. To make sure your ingredients support that goal, you need to find answers to a range of complex questions. But in fact, the answers are inside the plants, waiting to be found. Best of all, you can find them with just one toolbox: biosolutions.

Enzymatic biosolutions unlock inherent flavor, texture and nutritional benefits across a range of plant-based ingredients. And as natural processing aids, they do it in a consumer-friendly way. Our biosolutions include enzymes for hydrolyzed soy protein and yeast extracts.

With biosolutions, the answers are inside.

The challenges

The plant-based market is a significant opportunity, but developing ingredients that give consumers everything they want can be a challenge. Turn the challenge into an opportunity with our biosolutions.

28.9% of consumers say taste is the main reason for not consuming plant-based dairy alternatives¹

Young child consuming plant-based dairy alternatives
Bioshape with text 28.4%

of consumers say they ‘don’t enjoy the taste’ of plant-based meat²


Bioshape with text 54%

of consumers dislike the "hidden, unhealthy ingredients" in plant-based options³


Bioshapes with text 15%

of consumers give texture as the reason for not continuing to purchase plant-based dairy⁴


The answers to great taste are inside

Our biosolutions for enzymatically hydrolyzed protein target and break peptide bonds at different points of amino acid chains. That transforms flavor profiles so you can help your customers reduce salt levels and achieve amazing umami flavor.

Patties with great taste made of Plant-based meat

The answers to high protein are inside

The same enzymatic processes that help you get better flavors from plants can also boost protein levels. By targeting and breaking peptide bonds they can increase protein hydrolysis by up to 50%.

plant-based sushi with boosted umami flavors

The answers to a better sensory experience are inside

Because hydrolyzed protein doesn’t affect viscosity as much as intact protein does, enzymatic hydrolysis makes it easier for your customers to achieve a great mouthfeel in plant-based beverages.

Woman drinking oat drink

Unlock umami in
meat analog extrusion

What if you could generate flavor as a natural and integral part of the protein extrusion process? It could help your customers avoid the addition of certain labelled ingredients during final product formulation.

Find out how this approach could also deliver better flavors, higher yields and cost reductions.

Plant protein burger

Your partner in the
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For 60 years, we’ve been winning the trust of our partners across the food and beverage industry. We serve dairies, bakeries, breweries, grain and starch plants and – for the last 30 years - plant-based food producers.

But the plant-based space is changing rapidly, and the only certainty about its future is that you’ll need to find answers to ever-more complex questions to succeed.

We can help with high-quality market insights and foresights. And from precision fermentation to functional foods, we have expertise in a range of applications that are highly relevant to the future of alternative proteins. That makes us the right partner to help you find answers for the future of plant-based.

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Neutrase® for plant protein extraction is a high quality broad-spectrum endo-protease. It provides a mild hydrolysis. It’s often used in isolation in the hydrolysis process but can also be combined with an exo-protease for superior flavor benefits. 

Plant-based Neutrase packshot


Fungamyl® is a blend of high-quality exo- and endo-acting alpha-amylases. It delivers a prolonged reaction.

Plant-based Fungamyl packshot


Maltogenase® is a high-quality heat-stable exo-acting maltogenic amylase.

Plant-based Maltogenase packshot


Alcalase® for plant protein extraction is a high quality and versatile endo-protease. It provides very extensive hydrolysis. It’s used in the first stage of the hydrolysis process to break down plant protein. It is often combined with other proteases to add more value in a wide range of plant protein applications.

Plant-based Alcalase packshot


Flavourzyme® for plant protein extraction is a high quality blend of endo- and exo-peptidases. It provides unique flavor generation and debittering benefits. It’s often used after an endo-protease treatment to adjust the flavor of a wide range of food applications.

Plant-based Flavourzyme packshot


BAN® is a high-quality endo alpha-amylase.

Amylase AG 300 L

Amylase AG 300 L is a high-quality exo-glucoamylase that hydrolyzes maltose into glucose.

Plant-based BAN and AMG packshot

Protana® Prime

Protana® Prime for plant protein extraction is a unique exo-peptidase blend that releases free amino acids from protein. The result is flavor generation and debittering benefits. To achieve a high degree of hydrolysis and intense umami flavor, combine Protana® Prime with an endo-protease such as Alcalase® and a glutaminase such as Protana® UBoost.

Protana® UBoost

Protana® UBoost for plant protein extraction is a high quality, cost-effective glutaminase. It converts glutamine into glutamic acid and enhances umami flavor.

Plant-based Protana prime and Protana Uboost packshot


Viscozyme® is a high quality and broad-spectrum enzyme that hydrolyzes plant tissue. It's used to break down carbohydrates and release proteins from plant material. Using proteases to further break down these proteins generates savory flavors.


Protamex® is a blend of microbial endo-proteases. It's optimized for production of high-quality dairy protein hydrolysates. You can use Protamex® in a variety of applications with a simple, one-step hydrolysis protocol.

Plant-based Viscozyme and Protamex packshot

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