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Consumers today are taking a proactive approach to managing their health. With your food brands and our health-enhancing solutions, we can meet consumer demands for better health, conveniently and seamlessly. 

Discover how we can help transform your food and beverages and how together we can transform lives.

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What you get when you work with us

Consumer Driven InnovationConsumer driven innovation
Health enhancing biosolutionsHealth enhancing biosolutions
Robust solutions fit for foodRobust solutions fit for food
Solutions optimized for all stages of lifeSolutions optimized for all stages of life

There's a biosolution for making your foods fit for life

Elevate your foods' health 
potential with vitamin K2-7

Wouldn't you like to be able to count on your own physical performance next time you work out? Or maintain strong bones effortlessly? 

There's a biosolution for (almost) everything, including making your foods fit for life. One is MenaquinGold®, our natural vitamin K2-7.

Vitamin K2-7 is vital to building bone strength and supporting cardiovascular health, among other things. MenaquinGold® is a natural vitamin K2-7 which efficiently optimizes how calcium is used in the body. It integrates easily with your food and beverage products to help you create stronger claims for stronger bodies. 

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Use probiotics in new food formats - without blowing your budget

85% of U.S. consumers say they would be interested in getting probiotics through functional food and beverages, according to a recent survey*. But traditional probiotics can be expensive, can create limitations in processing and shorten shelf-life. 

ProSilience™ HU58™ lets manufacturers claim the digestive and immune benefits that consumers demand, while creating innovative, differentiated products outside the dairy category, and cutting production costs. 

ProSilience™ HU58™ is a super-stable, spore-forming probiotic that can withstand hot-water applications, HTST and HPP pasteurization. It is highly cost-effective, letting manufacturers save up to 70% on probiotic cost-in-use compared to the market-leading spore-forming competitor.

*Novozymes Consumer Study, 2022, n = 750

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Make your food products functional

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Base your innovation on consumer health trends

Did you know that 68% of consumers recognize the link between digestive health and their overal health? By monitoring trends in both food and health, we translate consumer behavior into actionable insights that can help you develop the next health-enhancing food product with our biological solutions.

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Put health and microbiome front and center

The human microbiome is the foundation for a healthy life. That's why you need to think about how you can help consumers nurture their microbiome seamlessly. We've got more than 100,000 microbes and millions of enzymes to tap into. That's how we support you in pioneering healthier foods that are fit for life.

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Deliver made-to-last health benefits fit for food

We know how complex food formulations and processes can be. That's why our solutions are robust, stable and developed specifically to integrate with food and beverages. So they have maximum effect once they are consumed as part of your product.

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Optimize your products for all ages

Different ages have different nutritional needs. Supporting the body with the right biotics and vitamins is key to a long and healthy life. We're proud to offer natural health-enhancing ingredients that fit all kinds of foods and beverages, but also all kinds of lives at different stages.

Work with us at the intersection of food & beverages and health

You may want to get to know us before you do! 

If you can believe it, we've been in the Food & Beverages industry for decades. But we've also invested heavily in human health over the years.

Our long track-record means we've got scalability and reliability. We've got all the certifications and the qualifications.

And with over 400 people working in food & beverages and human health, we are just one click-of-a-form away from boosting your product's health profile.

We've got thousands of microbes and millions of enzymes ready to benefit consumer lives everywhere. If you're ready, fill in the form to your right and let's go explore together. We can't wait to hear from you!

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