The freedom to reach health-conscious consumers – without blowing your budget 

The probiotic ProSilience™ HU58™ lets you claim the digestive and immune benefits that consumers demand, AND create innovative new differentiated products outside the dairy category, AND cut your production costs, all at the same time.  


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85% U.S. consumers interested in probiotics in functional foods – and 56% are willing to pay more

Probiotics have moved into the mainstream and appear to be a long-term trend. 

According to a Novozymes consumer survey*, 85% of U.S. consumers would be interested in getting probiotics through functional food and beverages -- and 56% would be willing to pay more for products with probiotics.  

*Novozymes Consumer Study, 2022, n = 750


Interested in getting your probiotics through functional food?

70% savings on cost-in-use  

What if you could avoid the pitfalls of traditional probiotics, which can be expensive, can create limitations in processing and shorten shelf-life? 

What if you could find a probiotic that is more stable in food and beverage applications than the market-leader – which lets you explore new formats outside dairy?  

What if you could find a probiotic that lets you save up to 70% on your probiotic cost-in-use compared to the competition based on CFU count at end of shelf-life?

What if

Introducing ProSilience™ HU58™ 

ProSilienceTM HU58TM is a spore forming bacteria of the specie Bacillus subtilis. A highly cost-effective probiotic with superior stability that lets you explore innovative formats outside of dairy and gives you a competitive edge.   

Gain new confidence and peace of mind when you launch into the crowded health-foods area.  

Probiotics with breakfast

How about adding probiotics to your morning coffee?   

53% of U.S. consumers say they would consume probiotics at breakfast.* 

ProSilience™ HU58™ survives hot-water applications, HTST and HPP pasteurization, giving you new possibilities. 


*Source: Novozymes Consumer Study, 2022, n = 750

Clinically supported

ProSilience™ HU58™ contains Bacillus subtilis, which enables an array of claims based on pre-clinical and clinical studies. 

These claims match what consumers are looking for.  82% of U.S. consumers identify immune health as a priority for the coming year, 68% say the same for gut health.*   Below you can see examples of possible claims:   

3 claims - functional FOODS

   *Source:  Novozymes consumer survey, 2022, n=750

Stability = competitive edge

The superior stability of ProSilience™ HU58™ lets you be more competitive on pricing and/or improve your profitability, as well as giving you extra peace of mind. 

You don’t need to overfill, because you can be certain of meeting the cell count listed on the label.


Stability = Your peace of mind 

Robust stability means you can be confident of delivering the benefits consumers expect, and that your product is properly labeled.


Centuries of experience 

ProSilience™ HU58™ contains a strain of Bacillus subtilis

Strains of Bacillus subtilis are found in traditional Eastern Asian and West African fermented foods that have been used for centuries.1 

1: Kimura, K. and Yokoyama, S.( 2019): Trends in application of Bacillus in fermented foods, Current opinion in Biotechnology, vol. 56, pp. 36-42 


Accelerate your product development

ProSilience™ HU58™ is coming from a world-class partner you can depend on – the Danish biotech leader Novozymes - who offers end-to-end services tailored to YOUR needs.  

We can support you all the way from ideation, prototyping, formulation, cell-count stability testing, production, marketing and technical support. 

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ProSilience™ HU58™ is easy to formulate, easy to incorporate into existing production lines, and supported by Novozymes Technical Service.   

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