Drain openers

Maintain free-flowing drains and prevent odor with effective microbes

Hard-working, nature-powered microbes break down organic soils, keep drains unclogged, and empower a long-lasting, sustainable, and effective clean.

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Reduce clogs and help kitchens operate more efficiently

At best an inconvenience and at worst a costly health hazard, clogged drains can disrupt kitchen operations. Microbial drain openers supplement fast-acting chemistry with nature’s own hardworking gunk busters: microbes. By fighting clogs fast, degrading organic build-up and delivering long-lasting performance, your drain product makes food service easier and more efficient.

Why microbes?

Long-lasting microbial drain openers can break down soils and odor-causing bacteria for days after application. In the right conditions, the microbes in the cleaners will continue to multiply, enabling your product to eliminate odors and clogs for longer. Microbes can even prevent clogs from building up in the first place.

Microbial cleaners can:

  • Open clogged drains and remove congested kitchen soil effectively
  • Prevent drain blockages on a continuous basis
  • Reduce the need for additional drain treatment and maintenance
  • Provide long-lasting odor reduction by breaking down fatty acids
  • Provide a safer clean powered by nature
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How do drain openers work?

This animation visualizes how microbes can help break down stains and clogs in drains.

How much difference does a free-flowing drain make?

Read our latest article on the importance of maintaining a clean drain in a busy kitchen.

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