Septic tank cleaning

Add microbes — and value — to your septic tank cleaner

adding microbes to septic tank cleaner

Septic tank blockages: a costly inconvenience

Septic system backup can lead to unpleasant odors, damaged equipment and inconvenienced customers. Excessive blockages can even require expensive equipment replacements. Fat, oil, grease (FOG), starch, protein and tissue all cause septic tank problems. The right blend of microbes helps reduce blockages involving these key substances – using advanced biotechnology that leverages the immense power of nature.

In fact, microbes have always been nature’s own way to deal with waste. Our microbes simply help you get the most efficient, effective results and build a better business with biology.

Why clean with microbes?

Specialized microbes are developed to continuously consume organic waste in a septic tank system. In the right conditions, microbes can be active for 7+ days. Long-lasting microbial action helps maintain flow, reduce organic soils that can cause malodors, and prevent blockages.

Benefits of microbes:

  • Prevent septic system backup
  • Reduce the frequency of septic tank pumping
  • Extend the life of septic tanks
  • Reduce odor by breaking down fatty acids
  • Provide a safer clean, powered by nature
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How do septic systems work?

Take a look at our quick and easy guide to septic systems and learn why it's important to eliminate blockages and reduce the frequency of pumping and cleaning.

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See why microbes are important for septic tank maintenance

In this video, we walk you through why microbes are essential to septic tank water purification and why added microbes are important to regain balance in the microbial compositions in the septic tank.

See how Novozymes microbes break down real life organic matter

A demonstration in our laboratory shows how real-life organic matter can be effectively degraded after treatment with Novozymes’ microbes.

Bring microbial benefits into your formulation

Microbes do not only degrade waste and organics. They have multiple long-term benefits that can bring value to your septic tank system for many years from now.

Get in touch with us to explore how biology can help power a more sustainable, effective clean.