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76% of the U.S. population is looking for foods that support bone health1, and vitamin K2 can do just that.

MenaquinGold® is our natural vitamin K2-7 designed to integrate seamlessly with your foods to help people of all ages maintain bone strength and heart health - and to perform every day.

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Why is vitamin K2 so vital?

K2 is a vitamin that's historically been overlooked. But did you know that K2 is crucial to regulate calcium metabolism and necessary to support bone and cardiovascular health?

Research shows that people around the world aren't getting enough vitamin K22. Even those who consume a healthy, balanced diet don't get enough K2 to cover the body's needs. And without adequate vitamin K2, especially in its menaquinone-7 form (K2-7)3, calcium can build up in areas where it should not.

K2-7 regulates how calcium is distributed in the body. And when the calcium is safely deposited in the bone matrix, it starts to strenghten your bones and prevent the calcium from depositing into your arteries.

That's good news for your bones, your heart and your body.

Help consumers get fit for life
with MenaquinGold®

In early childhood, you need calcium to grow strong bones. From the age of 40, there is an increased risk of arterial calcification. And the aging population need to maintain strong bones. Overall, calcium is an integral part of a healthy life with stronger bones and body, and the ability to perform every day. But to optimize the body's calcium absorption, you need vitamin K2.

MenaquinGold® is a natural vitamin K2-7. By making sure calcium is used in the right way and in the right places of the body, MenaquinGold® vitamin K2-7 helps support healthy bones and cardiovascular health4. All to fulfill different consumer needs at different stages of life.

Help consumers get fit for life with new K2 health benefits from your foods.

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Fit for your body and your peak performance

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For better bone health

Vitamin K2-7 plays a unique role in transporting calcium from blood to bones. In fact, it's been observed to activate a bone protein called osteocalcin5, which is essential to bind calcium effectively to the bone matrix. That's how MenaquinGold® makes for optimal calcium utilization and stronger bones.

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For heart-healthy food

While K2 is closely associated with calcium and strong bones, the vitamin has an inherent effect on your cardiovascular health too6. Even if you consume enough calcium, it could build up in the arteries and lead to calcification of the soft tissue. MenaquinGold® helps steer calcium away from the blood vessels to support a healthy heart.

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For fueling performance

Proprietary research on MenaquinGold® suggests vitamin K2-7 may have beneficial effects on performance7. While the science is still young, these promising results may indicate a positive impact on sports performance and supporting active lifestyles for people of all ages.

The natural facts about MenaquinGold®

From fermented chickpeas

MenaquinGold® vitamin K2-7 is based on one of nature's most healthful legumes: chickpeas. 

By fermenting chickpeas to extract the vital K2-7 vitamin, you get a natural, soy-free and effective vitamin for your foods and beverages.



High biological activity

One of the most effective versions of vitamin K2 is MK7, also known as vitamin K2-7. That's because this vitamin is very biologically active, which means it ensures better uptake in the body and supports calcium distribution better than other versions.

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Plant-based & GMO-free

Derived from the fermentation of plants, there's nothing synthetic about our vitamin K2-7 solution. Plus, it's GMO-free.


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What if you could offer amazing consumer benefits that elevate your products' healthy halo? 

Think about how your plant-based drink, performance shake or snack bar could be perfectly formulated to stand out in the functional food space.

With 76% of the U.S. population looking for foods that support bone health, MenaquinGold® may just be the pivotal ingredient that helps your product fly off the shelves. 

Contact us to try MenaquinGold® and start building your strong, differentiating and science-based claims or product concept today.

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