Enzymes for cheese production

Faster ripening and distinctive cheese flavors

Cheese on a platter

The cost-effective way to enhance flavor

Cheese ripening is a slow, expensive process. The main expense is the inventory costs you incur by delaying the sale of part of each year’s production. But there are also capital costs in the form of ripening rooms and controlled humidity and temperatures. With our portfolio of enzymes, you can speed up the ripening process to make it more economical. Our enzymes help you achieve mature flavors and textures faster.

Produce a wide range of distinctive flavors

Through adjustments to enzyme type, dosage, process time and/or conditions, you can get diverse flavors. Our lipases help release fatty acids that give Italian, feta and blue cheeses their distinctive sharp flavors. Our proteases help you develop a range of savory flavors. The result is the cheese flavors you want with the efficiency your business needs.

Flavourful Cheese

Intense, high-quality flavorings in hours

With our enzymes you can get deep, authentic cheese flavor for a range of applications in mere hours. They help you develop a wide variety of profiles. That means you can produce flavorings for biscuits, snacks, sauces, pastes, powders, ready-meals and a range of other foods. By reducing processing time, they allow you to decrease costs or increase capacity.

Cheese on storage

Looking for more solutions?

Novozymes and Chr. Hansen have joined forces to create Novonesis. This means that we can now offer you even more solutions within cheese.

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