Lipases for grease, oil and fat stains

Fast-paced lifestyles mean more fast foods. Unfortunately, fast foods and other oily dishes leave behind stains that are slow to disappear. Lipases in your detergent can help.

Street food

Dishwasher detergents rely on hard claims

Street food and fast food are a quick fix for on-the-go consumers, and the market is growing. These aren’t the cleanest foods to eat however. And when the grease from a cheeseburger, mustard from a hot dog or oil from a pad Thai ends up on clothes, one wash isn’t usually enough to get those stains out for good.

In a joint YouGov/Novozymes global study of detergents, 33% of consumers said they typically experienced cooking oil stains when doing laundry. Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian and Indian consumers all reported high levels. 

"Consumers in China, Spain, Brazil and India often experience cooking oil stains in their laundry"

Common grease stains

fast food

Fast food

Greasy burgers, fries, pizzas and hot dogs leave fatty stains on clothes.

Cooking oil

Cooking oil

Whether it’s peanut, sunflower or sesame, cooking oil causes stubborn stains.

Street food market

Street food

Street food has gone mainstream in many regions, along with the grease stains it causes.

Lipases at work – see a grease stain disappear

Lipase enzymes attack stains containing fats and oils by cutting lipid molecules into smaller pieces.

These smaller pieces mix more easily with surfactants, boosting the effect of surfactants in detergent and removing greasy stains far more effectively.

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