Eliminate malodors with Novozymes enzymatic solutions

Smelly clothes or textiles have traditionally been masked with laundry scent booster or treated with laundry sanitizers. But none of them solve the underlying problem like our new technology, Novozymes Pristine®.

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The constant battle with smelly clothes

The most popular solutions to smelly washed clothes today are scent boosters or to fight bad odors with chemicals.

Fragranced detergents or scent boosters will do a short-term job and mask the odor. But they don’t remove the problem, and so malodor will reoccur after some time when the perfume has worn off.

Laundry sanitizers or disinfectants use harsh chemistry to deal with bacteria, but still don’t remove the smell. That’s because a laundry disinfectant will kill the bacteria, but not remove them. That means the dead bacteria become an integrated part of the soil that’s left on the textile and cause malodors to return faster.

On top of this, consumers today are less willing to opt for chemical solutions and instead seek biodegradable and sustainable detergents that don’t contain harsh chemistry.

The short-term solutions

42% of consumers say their most frequent stains are from jams and jellies

As well as the pectin in fresh fruit, laundry detergents need to contend with the pectin used in processed and convenience foods and even in cosmetics. This pectin is one of the reasons that stains from juices, jams and jellies can be so tough to remove. In fact, 42% of consumers polled in a 2010 Userneeds study said that jams and jellies are some of the most frequent causes of stains on their clothes.

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The natural long-term solution

The root cause of malodor in textiles is body grime. It’s a sticky substance that retains odor molecules and dirt particles in the fabric fibers, and it’s not easy to get rid of.

Novozymes Pristine® is a PDE enzyme that tackles the odor problem at its source by gently breaking down body grime. The enzyme itself is biodegradable and a perfect solution for consumers seeking natural ways to solve their odor issues.

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Watch how Novozymes Pristine® removes malodor at its source

Novozymes Pristine® removes the root cause of malodor to prevent it from returning and offers consumers a whole new dimension of clean.

Watch how malodors develop in textiles and are removed with Pristine®.

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