Protease enzymes for tough protein stains

From dairy products, eggs and meat to blood and grass, consumers are battling protein in every laundry load. With proteases in your laundry detergents, you can help them win the battle.

Boy drinking milk

Protein stains stand in the way of clean

No matter where they live and what they do, consumers want to look their best. That’s because appearance matters, especially in the world’s increasing number of white-collar jobs. Clean clothes play a big role in making that happen. From our recent global study of more than 10,000 people across ten markets, we know that performance on stain removal is a top consideration for consumers when buying detergent, and protein stands in the way of that.

Common protein stains

Wound on kids knee

Blood stains

Whether from scraped knees or periods, blood stains are common and tough to remove.

Girl holding two eggs

Egg stains

Whether you want your eggs fried, poached or in egg salad, no one enjoys the stains they can leave on fabrics.

Dairy in supermarket cooler

Dairy drinks

From chai in India to latte in California, the whole world loves milky drinks.

Proteins – a common stain ingredient

Protein stains are often caused by animal products or secretions, which means they’re found in a very wide variety of stains. That may be why proteases that break down protein stains were the first type of enzyme to be added to detergents. And today, a protease enzyme in your detergent is indispensable, whether it's protease in powder or liquid detergent that works for your brand. 

Kid spilled dairy drink on shirt

A protease enzyme at work – see a protein stain disappear

Protein consists of long chains of amino acids that are linked together, which is why they’re so tough for detergents to remove.

Protease enzymes attack protein stains by breaking protein molecules down into shorter chains of amino acids that can be more easily lifted from the fabric during washing. That's how proteases in detergents make a true difference to your brand.

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