Amylase enzymes for stubborn starch stains

The starch in stains from ready-made, processed and convenience foods like sauces, dressings and desserts is one reason why they’re so stubborn. A starch amylase enzyme in your laundry detergent can help.

Outdoor bbq meat

Convenience foods - part of modern life

On-the-go modern lifestyles demand convenience foods, but these foods often mean very inconvenient stains. From the BBQ sauces eaten all around the globe to tonkatsu sauce in Japan and tofu stew in China, the world’s convenience foods all have one common denominator: starch.

Common starch stains

Spicy sauce


A spicy sauce typically added after cooking such as mustard, chilli and BBQ sauce.

Pasta dish

Pasta dishes

Pasta is often served with a marinara or pasta sauce, this is also often used as a pizza topping.

Baby food

Baby food

Busy parents who don’t have time to cook and puree rely on ready-made baby foods.

Starch stains
– impossible to avoid 

The global growth in convenience foods along with the food industry’s use of starch as a thickener means that starch-based stains are almost impossible to avoid. This added starch also acts as glue for other dirt particles in the air and in the wash water, making starch stains even worse.

The global growth in convenience foods… means that starch-based stains are almost impossible to avoid

starch stain

How alpha amylase enzymes break down starch stains

Starch molecules are formed of long chains of sugars, making them difficult for detergents to remove. That’s why stains containing starch are so stubborn.

Amylase enzymes cut the starch molecules into tiny sugars that are lifted off the fabric in the wash more easily.

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