Enzymes for dairy protein

Better flavor and less allergenicity in dairy protein

Dairy protein makes food and beverages more nutritious – but how do you avoid off flavors and improve nutritional uptake?

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Infant formula for all

First life-stage infants are dependent on milk which is an important source of protein. But sometimes infants are not able to digest milk protein.

Formea® TL is a halal/kosher enzyme specifically designed to create hypo-allergenic milk formula and meet the requirements of consumers who wish to avoid animal-based trypsin preparations in their infant formula.

Learn how with this application sheet.


Tastier sport drinks

High-protein sports drinks and other protein-enriched food and beverage products have broken into the mainstream. Meanwhile the demand for whey protein is projected to grow around 11% towards 2023. This means new opportunities whey-protein based products.

Download our insights paper and find out how to make better-tasting sports drinks.

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What are the three main drivers for consumer preference in whey protein hydrolysates?

Novozymes commissioned Conjoint.ly to survey ~2000 protein consumers in the US and UK.

This insight paper evaluates end-consumer awareness and perception of whey protein hydrolysates compared with similar protein ingredients in formats such as protein bar, protein beverage, and protein powder.

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Which solution is the right one for you?


Healthier, clean-label dairy protein products help elevate your brand

Business benefits

  • Process efficiency

  • No compromise on taste and texture

  • Texture improvement

Consumer benefits

  • No compromise on taste and texture

  • Profit retention

  • Recognizable product labels

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