Enzymes for milk

Unlock your milk's hidden potential

Consumers want more from their milk. Lactose-intolerant and health-conscious consumers are making low-lactose the fastest growing dairy segment. An increasing focus on healthy eating is also driving growth in low-sugar and fiber-rich foods.

With enzymes, uncover the natural qualities of your dairy while delivering delicious and healthier milk that satisfies your consumers.

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Lactose-free milk with low sugar

After infancy, an estimated 65% of the world's population is less able to digest lactose. Certain populations tend to have higher rates. For example, people of East Asian descent have rates between 70% and 100%. That means that a large part of the world's population could benefit from lactose-free dairy. There are also growing numbers of health-conscious consumers who see lactose-free as a healthier option.

Our lactase enzymes convert lactose into two easily digestible sugars, glucose and galactose. That allows you to develop milk that is both low-sugar and low-lactose.

Use the sweetness calculator to estimate the potential sugar reduction in your milk.

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High-fiber milk with low sugar

Consumers are growing increasingly aware of the importance of dietary fiber. Many are looking for ways to boost their intake. At the same time, they want to cut their sugar intake. One way to meet those needs is to reformulate with sweeteners and fiber ingredients. But these ingredients may impact label-conscious consumers' perception of your products. Our enzymes can help. By converting sugar into dairy-based fiber, they help you give consumers more fiber, less sugar and a clean label.

Download our whitepaper on how to increase fiber in your milk and decrease sugar content without reformulation.

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Which solution is the right one for you?


Clean label, healthier dairy products are possible with enzymes

Business benefits

  • Process efficiency

  • No compromise on taste and texture

  • Texture improvement

Consumer benefits

  • Permission to indulge

  • Profit retention

  • Recognizable product labels

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