Pectate lyases for messy fruit stains

The pectin that’s found naturally in the cell walls of fruit and vegetables and used as a gelling agent in foods like jams, yoghurt drinks and smoothies leaves stubborn brown stains. Pectate lyase can help.

Woman holding strawberries in a glass bowl

More fruit means more stubborn stains

With the global trend towards healthier eating we’re all eating more fruit. The result is an annual average growth of 4% in global fruit consumption (Euromonitor 2019). As any parent knows, a combination of fruit and kids means one big mess. Whether it’s berries, bananas or avocados, the food that’s best for kids is often not so good for laundry. 

Common pectin stains

Fruit juices and smoothies

Fruit juices and smoothies

From breakfast tables to lunchboxes, juices and smoothies are part of everyday life.



Whether fresh in a salad or cooked in a sauce, tomatoes are eaten almost everywhere.



Without swift action, mashed bananas soak into fabric, leaving dark stains behind.

Why are fruit stains so hard to get out?

42% of consumers say their most frequent stains are from jams and jellies

As well as the pectin in fresh fruit, laundry detergents need to contend with the pectin used in processed and convenience foods and even in cosmetics. This pectin is one of the reasons that stains from juices, jams and jellies can be so tough to remove. In fact, 42% of consumers polled in a 2010 Userneeds study said that jams and jellies are some of the most frequent causes of stains on their clothes.

Young girl enjoying jam on bread

Pectate lyases at work – see a pectin stain disappear

Because pectin molecules are formed of long chains of sugars, they’re difficult for detergents to remove.

Novozymes pectate lyases attack stains containing pectin by cutting pectin molecules into tiny pieces that can be removed with the wash water. That helps to break down the stain so detergent can now lift more of it away from the fabric.

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