The answers to
perfect textures
are inside

Consumers want more plant-based meat, but they won’t compromise on their experience.

With Vertera® ProBite, they don’t have to.

95% think plant-based meat should improve

We’ve come a long way in producing delicious plant-based foods. But only 5% of consumers in Novozymes proprietary study think plant-based meats should stay as they are.

And according to the ”Unmet Needs Discovery Survey” by the Plant-based Food Association in 2023, texture is #1 factor that consumers dislike most about plant-based meat.

Now’s the time to raise the (burger & Sausages) bar and find perfect textures that consumers will love inside plants.

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Inside plant-based meat trends

What’s next in plant-based meat? ​

Watch our free webinar featuring Mintel Food & Beverage Analyst Alice Pilkington and our own Ida Carlsen Virklund as they explore trends and tendencies in plant-based meat, and how to win consumer preference in the plant-based meat space. ​

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Why does texture in
plant-based meat fail?

Good meat-like texture is not easy to achieve in plant-based meats, at least not if you don’t want to compromise on the full consumer experience from package to plate.

Download our white paper and learn why texturizers can be a huge challenge for your product’s appeal and your brand, and how to overcome those challenges with answers we find inside plants.

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Discover perfect textures
with Vertera® ProBite

Vertera® ProBite unlocks some of the amazing properties that are already there, hiding inside your plant materials.

With superior crosslinking properties, Vertera® ProBite helps you bind and enhance the texture of your plant-based meat, so you can give consumers a more satisfying and enjoyable eating experience.

Vertera® ProBite helps you achieve an appealing appearance from when your plant-based meat is in the package to when it’s picked up for cooking, and finally eaten. What’s not to like?

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Inside plant-based meat production

Why does plant-based meat change its game after reheating? ​

Find out together with Reiser’s alternative protein specialist Anatolii Utkin and Novonesis scientist James Chapa as they dive into this challenge and discuss ways to solve it. Plus, everything plant-based-meat-texture related! ​

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Simplify your labels

Beyond that great texture from package to plate, Vertera® ProBite helps you simplify labels for the 59% of consumers who do check ingredients lists.

With this solution you can eliminate texturizers or other additives that normally improve texture. And because Vertera® ProBite does not require labelling, that’s how you simplify your label, and make it even more appealing to consumers.

Sound delicious? Visit the Vertera® ProBite product page and request your free sample today.

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The answer to versatile textures are inside

A juicy firm bite for
plant-based patties

Yum! There’s nothing like a soothing burger, filled with plant-based goodness.

Consumers today are turning to plant-based burger patties as a sustainable and delicious alternative to traditional meat options, embracing both health and environmental benefits of reducing meat consumption.

With Vertera® ProBite, you can help consumers get even more goodness from their burger patties.

A juicy firm bite for plant-based patties

Savoury snappy
plant-based sausages

Ahhhh… the comfort of a savory hotdog. Except this time, it’s plant-based!

Consumers are increasingly taking a bit of plant-based hotdogs as a tasty and ethical choice, enjoying the familiar taste and texture.

With Vertera® ProBite, this is the experience you can offer.

Savoury snappy plant-based sausages

Deliciously tasty
plant-based meatballs

Per favore, pass me another meatball!

Consumers are exploring plant-based meatballs as a versatile culinary delight, adding a tasty plant-based twist to their favorite dishes.

With Vertera® ProBite, you can offer consumers a snackalicious meat ball alternative to traditional ones – sì!

Deliciously tasty plant-based meatballs

For all types of
plant-based meats

Consumers are looking for more plant-based version of their favorite meat products.

Contact us to test Vertera® ProBite with your plant-based versions of chicken nuggets, fish, schnitzels or whatever plant-based meat you dream of bringing to the market!

For all types of plant-based meats

Let’s calculate your
savings potential

So many things go into your process and your recipe for plant-based meat. How would Vertera® ProBite affect your costs?

Vertera® ProBite is a cost-comparable solution that just comes with so many more benefits than your current texturizer solutions.

Want to see how you can potentially save cost?

Contact us today to try our cost calculator for Vertera® ProBite.

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