Better baking for our planet

Are you looking for ways to get closer to your sustainability goals? Biosolutions can help. From reducing waste to making bakers less dependent on chemicals, they shrink baking’s environmental footprint in a range of ways.  And by choosing our biosolutions, you’re choosing a partner who shares your commitment to sustainability.

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Cut bread waste and packaging to shrink emissions

As bread waste rots in landfills, it produces greenhouse gases (GHGs). Also, bread is usually sold wrapped in plastic that emits GHGs at every stage of its lifecycle and often ends up in our oceans. Less bread produced means less wrapping. So keeping bread soft, elastic and moist for longer also helps to reduce plastic-related emissions and pollution.

Reduce co2

Give consumers the sustainable baked goods they demand


Supporting sustainability in the baking value chain

From the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to the new Corporate Net-Zero Standard, we're committed to a range of sustainability goals. That’s why you can be confident we’re a partner who shares your commitment to sustainability.

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Fresher for longer

Consumers prefer soft, moist bread, so it’s not surprising that dryness is a top reason for throwing bread out. The result is that bread often tops the list of avoidable food waste. Our biosolutions help reduce this waste by ensuring moistness during shelf life.  

Calculate your CO2 savings. What would a reduction in bread waste mean for your emissions?

Biosolutions to tackle food waste and support healthier baking

Food waste

Tackling loss and waste in baking

Food that’s lost and wasted across our food systems could feed over one billion hungry people every year. And food waste is also a significant contributor to emissions. Biosolutions keep a wide range of baked goods fresher for longer to help tackle food loss and waste.

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Better baking for health and nutrition

Consumers expect a lot from healthy baked goods. They want high fiber and protein levels and they also want fewer compounds and ingredients they perceive as unhealthy. With biosolutions, you can meet customers’ expectations with delicious, healthy baked goods.  

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