FIE 2023 has ended | Our food systems are transforming. Are you?

This year, Novozymes was present with both an online booth and a physical meeting room at FIE.

It was a great confirmation of how Food and Beverage brands like yours inspire us to create biosolutions for better lives now and in the future.

On this page, explore how you can adapt and future-proof your brand with biosolutions. You can also reach out to us for expert advice.


Food and beverage biosolutions to grow your brand

Functional foods

Functional foods

Consumers today are taking a proactive approach to managing their health. With your food brands and our health-enhancing solutions, we can meet consumer demands for better health, conveniently and seamlessly. 

Discover how we can help transform your food and beverages and make them Fir for Food, Fit for Life.

Plant-based foods

Plant-based foods

The answers to better plant-based food and drinks are inside.
You’re looking for answers to multiple, complex questions to help you succeed in the plant-based space. But in fact, the answers are inside the plants, waiting to be found. Best of all, you can find them with just one toolbox: biosolutions.



Whether you’re aiming for an outstanding sensorial experience, a healthier profile, more cost-effective, flexible operations or a smaller environmental footprint, we can help. Our smarter biosolutions and decades of experience supporting the baking industry are the perfect recipe to help you bake better.

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Biosolutions for functional foods

Put health and microbiome front and center for your consumers across all ages. This means innovating functional food products with the future in mind, where your consumers reap made-to-last health benefits - fit for food, fit for life.

Expand biohealth and human nutrition

Webinar on demand: Discover how Vitamin K2 might change lives

In this recent webinar Dr. Kimmo Makinen, OneHealth Innovation Director, introduces the scientific evidence for Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 has been associated with many health benefits. Bone and heart health are the benefits supported by the largest body of evidence, but emerging science also shows promising results in sports performance and nerve health. Vitamin K2 plays a unique role in human health at many stages of life. However, supplementation may be needed as not all diets contain vitamin K2 and intestinal production by gut bacteria may not be sufficient. ​

MenaquinGold Vitamin K2-7 webinar clean

Biosolutions for baking

Introducing Novamyl BestBite

Bake no-compromise bread with Novamyl® BestBite

The baking industry has long had to choose between softness, moistness, and resilience. Our new molecule builds on our legacy Novamyl® freshkeeping technology in a way like never before. Novamyl® BestBite delivers texture benefits to your bread – like no other freshkeeping enzyme solution in the market. It also cuts between 25%-75% of added sugar in your bread without changing its sweetness profile. Here's how!

Bag of flour

Make the best use of available wheat flour

What happens when shortage in the market and price fluctuations leave the baking industry with no other option than baking with lower-quality flour? In this report, let’s explore different type of flours, market dynamics, the impact climate change is having on the baking industry – and how you can achieve consistent bread even when consistency is lacking!

Biosolutions for plant-based foods

Plant-based food and drinks are a significant opportunity, but giving consumers everything they want can be challenging - especially when it comes to consistency, taste, and texture. Thankfully, the answer to help you seize this opportunity is hidden inside the plants themselves. Grow your brand of consumer-loved plant-based foods with our biosolutions. 

two glasses one jar Oat-drink close up

Why does texture in plant-based meat fail?

Good meat-like texture is not easy to achieve in plant-based meats, at least not if you don’t want to compromise on the full consumer experience from package to plate.

Download our white paper and learn why texturizers can be a huge challenge for your product’s appeal and your brand, and how to overcome those challenges with answers we find inside plants.

Deliciously tasty plant-based meatballs

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