The answers to better plant-based food and drinks are inside

You’re looking for answers to multiple, complex questions to help you succeed in the plant-based space. But in fact, the answers are inside the plants, waiting to be found. Best of all, you can find them with just one toolbox: biosolutions.

Enzymatic biosolutions deliver benefits right across your value chain. And because they’re natural processing aids, they do it all in a consumer-friendly way. Unlike ingredients, enzymes transform your raw materials, unlocking inherent flavor, texture and nutritional benefits.

With biosolutions, the answers are inside.

The challenges

Plant-based food and drinks are a significant opportunity, but giving consumers everything they want can be a challenge. Turn the challenge into an opportunity with our biosolutions.

Consistency and texture are what consumers most dislike about plant-based foods¹

consumer eating a plant-based product
Bioshape with 28.4%

of consumers say they ‘don’t enjoy the taste’ of plant-based meat²


Bioshape with 3rd

reason for not consuming plant-based dairy: "dairy provides better nutrition"³


Bioshape with 54%

of consumers dislike the "hidden, unhealthy ingredients" in plant-based options⁴


What if all you needed to overcome these challenges was inside?

The answers to great taste are inside

Our biosolutions transform flavor profiles to overcome bitterness and other off-flavors. In plant-based beverages and vegurts, they allow you to increase sweetness without adding more sugar. You can even use them to generate great flavor directly from the process of making plant-based meat alternatives.

Great taste oat drink and plant-based meat

The answers to great texture are inside

In plant-based beverages and vegurts, our biosolutions significantly increase solubility. Higher solubility means more consumer-friendly textures, with less grittiness.

girl looking at vegurt with great texture

The answers to high protein are inside

Consumers want higher protein from plant-based foods and beverages. But higher protein levels often lead to off-flavors. Our biosolutions unlock significantly more protein while delivering debittering benefits. They can even boost umami flavors.

plant-based sushi with boosted umami flavors

The answers to more natural products are inside

Consumers are increasingly demanding less processed plant-based foods with fewer ingredients. Enzymes are biological proteins. They work to transform substances throughout nature. As natural processing aids, they’re not functional in the final product. That makes them the consumer-friendly choice for meeting these market demands.

woman looking at label of plant-based yogurt alternative

Find the answers to more sustainable plant-based proteins

Our biosolutions can reduce your environmental impact in a range of ways, including local raw material usage. Many consumers choose plant-based foods and beverages as a more sustainable option. But transporting raw materials or finished products over long distances undermines their sustainability benefits. With one of the broadest portfolios of biosolutions on the market and extensive raw material optimization experience, we can help you get the most from your local crops.

Get answers across your value chain with biosolutions

Our biosolutions boost protein yields so you can reduce raw material inputs. And through raw material optimization, they could enable the use of local crops. Reduced inputs and local sourcing don’t just improve your cost control. They also make you less vulnerable to raw material supply shocks and shrink your environmental footprint. By valorizing side streams, biosolutions boost your margins. They could even reduce your dependency on certain ingredients and help you optimize your processes.

Enzymes for plant-based food & drinks

Plant-based dairy alternatives thumbnail

Plant-based beverages and vegurts

Biosolutions unlock inherent flavor, texture and nutritional benefits across a range of plant-based beverages and vegurts raw materials.

Plant-based ingredients thumbnail

Plant-based ingredients​

Biosolutions unlock inherent flavor, texture and nutritional benefits across a range of plant-based ingredients, including hydrolyzed soy protein and yeast extracts.

Plant-based plant-based meats and culinary goods thumbnail

Plant-based meat & culinary​ goods

Biosolutions unlock inherent flavor, texture and nutritional benefits across a range of plant-based meats and culinary goods.

Looking for the answers to great barista oat drinks?

How can you get high-quality, long-lasting foam, a flavor to complement coffee and shorter, simpler labels? The answers to all these questions and more are inside the oats.

oat coffee

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For 60 years, we’ve been winning the trust of our partners across the food and beverage industry. We serve dairies, bakeries, breweries, grain and starch plants and – for the last 30 years - plant-based food producers.

But the plant-based space is changing rapidly, and the only certainty about its future is that you’ll need to find answers to ever-more complex questions to succeed.

We can help with high-quality market insights and foresights. We can also offer expertise in a range of applications that are highly relevant to the future of alternative proteins. From precision fermentation to cell culture and from functional foods to human health, our cross-functional expertise makes us the right partner to find answers for the future of plant-based.

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2, 3. Percentage of non-eating respondents. Facing Plant-Based Challenges: Health, Price and Taste, May 2023, © Euromonitor International 2023.