Enzymes in plant-based foods

Take your plant-based foods from niche to normal

Consumers want plant-based foods. But they’re not willing to compromise on the eating or drinking experience.

How can we make your plant-based foods so attractive that consumers will buy them again and again?

More delicious, more nutritious plant-based foods

Novozymes biological solutions help you make your plant-based foods the next-level sensory experience. From taste to texture and even appearance. They can also help make your foods more healthful, affordable and sustainable. Plus, they’re label-friendly.

Together we can accelerate the demand for plant-based foods – for the better of people and the planet. Do you want to join us on our journey?

Consumer trends in plant-based foods

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Health & nutrition

Consumers expect plant-based foods to be the healthy option. In a 2021 study by GlobalData, 60% of shoppers found health to the main driver for buying plant-based alternatives over animal-derived foods. How can you improve the nutritional profile of your plant-based foods and make it easier for consumers to lead a healthier lifestyle?

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GlobalData 2021-study reveals sustainability as a key driver for 27% of shoppers to choose non-animal foods – and 33% consider animal welfare too. But how do we get more consumers to adopt plant-based foods faster and reduce consumption of animal-derived foods to get even higher sustainability impact?

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Consumers are scrutinizing food labels more than ever before to find answers about nutrition. In fact, 77% of U.S. plant-based meat alternative users read the ingredients list when buying new products, says a Mintel report. The question is, how can you make your ingredients recognizable and still provide a quality product?

Boost flavor and reduce added salt

Plant-based meat alternatives producers are struggling to achieve the texture and taste that consumers love. They’re also challenged by plant-based meat alternatives being highly processed and having long and complex ingredient lists. None of which resonate with consumers who have a desire to be more sustainable and health-conscious. 

Our enzymes are inherently sustainable and have no effect on your labeling, except maybe for shortening it. They help you create a savory boost, improve texture, and reduce the amount of added salt you’d normally use to create flavor. All by releasing what’s already there inside your plant materials. 

Make delicious plant-based dairy

Plant-based dairy alternatives are gaining traction and supermarket shelves are starting to pile up on these more sustainable beverages. ​But while plant-based dairy alternatives generally are more sustainable than dairy, they can be equally delicious. 

​Our biological solutions for plant-based dairy alternatives can help you achieve the smooth texture that consumers love and unlock the natural sweetness of your plant materials. You can also release or add more nutrients like proteins which are abundant in many plant materials and increase the health profile of your product.

​Learn more about how we can help make your plant-based dairy alternatives exactly what consumers are craving.

Sensory benefits of our solutions for plant-based foods

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Improve the visual appeal of your plant-based foods

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Create plant-based alternatives that deliver on expectations for mouthfeel

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Build the flavor profile consumers are demanding

Plant protein hydrolysates with better functionality

Plant proteins are used in many different food applications for improving texture and taste and making food and beverages more nutritious.

The challenge with plant proteins is that they often come with off-flavors that need masking by some other ingredient. Plus, they take long to absorb and digest. 

With our solutions for plant protein hydrolysates, you get cost-effective plant protein that tastes better, is easier to digest and have no impact on your ingredient list.

Flavors enhancers with a sustainable touch

Whether your version of flavorful foods is plant-based meat, chips, dips or other snacks, your savory product needs flavors with depth. Why not used what’s already inside the plant materials? 

Our solutions help flavor houses, ingredient producers or plant-based food companies release the formidable flavor potential of plant proteins, so that you can reduce added salt and make your ingredient list more recognizable.

Meanwhile consumers get a scrumptious eating experience that will leave them hungry for more. It’s a win-win.

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For the sake of the planet

The world population is growing, but the planet isn’t. 

That’s why we have a shared responsibility to rethink the entire food system, so we can create a sustainable balance in the way we live. And as a world leader in biological solutions, it’s our obligation to investigate how. 

By making plant-based foods more delicious, nutritious, and sustainable, our solutions can help accelerate the adoption of plant-based food, so that together – with you – we can eat our way to a better planet.

Let’s get started. 

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Together we have more impact

At Novozymes we have mission and not least an obligation to use our technologies for the better, to drive healthy change and transform lives. 

In plant-based foods we can make an exceptional difference. We have the solutions, and we have the expertise to help you make your product the next amazing plant-based food experience. 

We’re ready when you are. Let’s accelerate demand for your plant-based foods together!


Accelerate the industry together with us

Are you ready to make your plant-based foods even more delicious, nutritious and sustainable?

  • Make your plant-based foods so attractive that consumers will come back for more
  • Get the most out of your plant-based raw ingredients and create competitive consumer products
  • Rethink the entire food chain and accelerate the adoption of plant-based food around the world

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