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From real-life insights to unlocking the full brand potential

From insights to ideation, from concept testing to formulation, from validation to finished solution, we’re ready to work side-by-side with you right across your product development process to create the claims you need to win.

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It all starts with insights

Consumer-centric innovation is key to your success. It’s the only way to meet consumers’ real needs and match their expectations and behaviors. Wherever and however your consumers clean or do laundry, you can help them do it better. Together we can create a plan for where to play and how to win when you’re looking to create new brands or strengthen existing ones. All based on our insights.

Make the most of our partnering strategy

What will the cleaning detergent of the future look like? It’s a question we’re always asking, but we know we can’t find the answer alone. We partner with industry leaders within other ingredient categories such as Givaudan. That allows us to pursue ingredient synergies that are key to detergent formulations. With this approach, we continually set new benchmarks for performance, cost and sustainability. And we keep on strengthening our cross-industry partnerships. Because we know that will help us help you keep on exceeding consumer expectations.

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Avoid unintended outcomes by leveraging our knowledge and network

Creating differential benefits takes innovation. That often means changes to your ingredient mix. These changes can have unexpected results on detergent performance. By involving us as early as possible in your formulation design process, you can avoid the risk of unintended outcomes. Our partnerships right across the detergent ingredient value chain keep us aware of potential issues. That means we can prevent them before they get a chance to impact your formulation process, or your bottom line.

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Make the most of our...

Industry leading expert checking facility

...application know-how and industry-leading technical service support

Our approach to technical service is global, local and digital. Our global footprint and decades of experience give us industry-leading application knowledge. By delivering this via regional technical service teams and application hubs, we combine it with essential local expertise. And with our digital LaundryLab® tool, you can simulate detergent formulations based on actual wash results. We also offer real-life testing across detergent ingredients and formulations.

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...creative and promotional know-how

To win, you need differentiated claims to . These communicate your brand’s unique benefits in language that appeals to consumers. We can help you develop the claims you need and help ensure they’re watertight through technical validation. you need to win.And because there’s no substitute for seeing something with your own eyes, we provide demos that show the claim in action.

A strong go-to-market plan also needs great creative ideas. We can help with a range of promotional inspiration and develop concepts that connect and resonate with consumers.

Get first-mover advantage from regulatory changes

Some of the key insights are related to regulatory changes. There are two key challenges associated with changing regulatory landscapes. The first is staying on top of them. The second is understanding how they might impact your business. Our experts keep track of regulatory activity across markets, giving advance notice of any potential changes that may impact your detergent products. This early, deep understanding of legislative changes creates opportunities to bring compliant products to market faster than the competition.

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An enzyme for
every laundry need

We have a wide range of high-performing enzymes to tackle key consumer concerns, as well as a wide range of stain types.


Let us help you with your next innovation and market push based on real-life insights and our solution muscle