Enzymes for every laundry need

Each enzyme breaks down a specific substance. That’s why we have a wide range of high-performing enzymes to tackle a wide range of stain types, as well as key consumer concerns such as whiteness, color preservation, malodor, and fabric care.

Laundry products enzymes

Our solutions for key consumer concerns

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Stain removal

Enzymes are designed by nature to be specific. They target only one substance. Detergent amylase enzymes, for example, target starch stains.

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Fabric and color care

Consumers who see signs of aging on their clothes such as fuzz and pills, color fading and surface roughness are likely to discard them even if they’re still in style. Care cellulases in your detergent can save clothes from premature disposal.

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Whiteness & brightness

In every laundry load, dirt particles in the wash water are redeposited onto otherwise clean clothes. The result is graying whites and dull colors. Cleaning cellulases in your laundry detergent can help.

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Hygienically clean

Consumers all over the world want to be delighted by the pure scent of fresh and the sight of completely clean clothes after every wash.​ With our freshness solutions you can give them just that.

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Solving all at once

Our suite of high-performing multi-enzyme blends are the simple, cost-effective way to ensure that your laundry detergents deliver the cleaning and fabric care consumers demand.

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Our solutions for stain removal

Outdoor bbq meat

Starch stains

The starch in stains from ready-made, processed and convenience foods like sauces, dressings and desserts is one reason why they’re so stubborn. Amylases in your laundry detergent can help.

Street food

Grease stains

Fast-paced lifestyles mean more fast foods. Unfortunately, fast foods and other oily dishes leave behind stains that are slow to disappear. Lipases in your detergent can help.

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Pectin stains

The pectin that’s found naturally in the cell walls of fruit and vegetables and used as a gelling agent in foods like jams, yoghurt drinks and smoothies leaves stubborn brown stains. Pectate lyase can help.

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Protein stains

From dairy products, eggs and meat to blood and grass, consumers are battling protein in every laundry load. With proteases in your laundry detergents, you can help them win the battle.

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Gum stains

Guar and locust bean gums are used in a wide range of foods and personal care products. Mannanases in your laundry detergent help remove their sticky, hard-to-remove stains.

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