Industry-leading training from The Bioenergy University

A well-trained workforce is key to maximizing profitability. Capable staff can optimize your plant's operations and achieve production excellence. The Bioenergy University is here to help. This industry-leading educational platform makes training easy, effective and fun. It's designed to help your plant withstand volatile market conditions and gain a competitive edge.


Convenient, on-demand training

The Bioenergy University's online format puts knowledge at your people's fingertips. Your employees can work at their own pace thanks to its convenient, on-demand format. It's a flexible, customized, and interactive portal tailored to the needs of the ethanol industry.


Something for all your workforce

The specialized collection of courses supports continuous skill and knowledge development.  Training is tiered into three levels:  basic, advanced and expert. That means it offers something for all your workforce - from new employees through to seasoned operators.


A stepwise approach to keep people learning

The basic training platform provides solid knowledge about ethanol production and the use of enzymes.  The advanced level training focuses on laboratory practices and co-products. The expert level offers in-depth knowledge about yeast biochemistry, process optimization, troubleshooting and data analysis. To keep people learning, we've designed all modules with a stepwise approach. Learners get a certificate on completion of each course and digital badges on completion of levels.


A library, game and LinkedIn page

Every learner enrolled in the University can access the library. This collection covers all aspects of ethanol production. Topics include data analysis, feedstocks, and lab and process insights. Learners can also download and play the Ethanol Challenge game. The game tests their ethanol production skills in a fun interactive environment. Through a dedicated LinkedIn page, the University even provides a way to connect, comment on and discuss industry news and trends.


Ready to enroll?

We created the Bioenergy University specifically to support your training needs. As a trusted advisor in the ethanol industry, we work with you to inspire innovation and peace of mind.  To sign up for the University, please contact your Novozymes account manager.