Innova® Delta

Step-change performance

Break free of outdated yeast technology to unleash the full capacity of your ethanol plant 

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Unrealized potential

You’ve been pursuing an obvious, measurable change in your ethanol plant’s operational performance and profitability.

However, you continue to experience bottlenecks restricting your ability to fully convert the potential of your investment. This results in a loss in efficiency, revenue, and market share

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The problem could be your yeast 

One potential stumbling block restricting your plant’s full potential is obsolete yeast. Non-GM yeasts have seen little to no innovation. They are unable to keep up with today’s high capacity ethanol plants and market demands due to:

  • Inability ferment high dry solids or increase speed restricting yield, throughput and efficiency
  • Inability to navigate fermentation stress such as organic acids and temperature excursions
  • Require expensive yeast foods to try and bolster performance

The problems caused by these yeasts’ inability to handle your large-scale production and operational needs hurt your bottom line. This makes it harder to hit your production targets–and to reach your sustainability goals. 

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A new generation of yeast 

What if you could break through production and profitability barriers to achieve game-changing results? With a new generation of yeast technology unconstrained by obsolete genetics, you can forge a new future for your ethanol plant.

This straightforward, drop-in solution allows you to reduce fermentation complexity, lower by-products, and significantly increase ethanol yield and consistency by unleashing tangible benefits already available to you—all without CAPEX investment the tangible benefits that are already available to you. 


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Introducing Novozymes Innova® Delta

Novozymes Innova® Delta is our latest innovation for ethanol production. Advancing non-GM yeast solutions, Innova® Delta is set to revolutionize a segment of the industry historically handcuffed by lack of innovation.

Proven at plant scale to deliver the performance you demand, Innova® Delta liberates producers from the constraints of obsolete yeast technology with a drop-in solution that breaks through fermentation bottlenecks to unleash the full power of your investment. Generate 2% higher ethanol yield on average, enjoy the flexibility to increase throughput and efficiency for a significant improvement in ROI, and elevate your operation to new heights of sustainability

bioethanol plant with different triangle showing benefits of Novozymes Innova Delta

Innova® Delta benefits:

Benefits 01

Supercharged production

Significant, step-change ethanol production yield gains

Benefit 02

Faster, more consistent fermentations

- Up to 26% less glycerol

benefit 03

Game changing efficiency

+25% throughput to improve efficiency by reducing fermentation bottlenecks and complexity

benefit 04

Reduced energy demand

Move closer to reaching your sustainability goals 

What our customers are saying about Innova® Delta

“Initially changing only the yeast, there is a clear increase in ethanol concentration by the end of fermentation.” 

- Production Manager, Biorefinery Plant, Europe 


delta triangle with text of 2% increase in ethanol yield under a background that a man tank up his car with biofuel

"This is the most active yeast I have seen in my life.” 

- Fermentation Technologist, Biorefinery Plant, Europe


delta triangle with text 25% average reduction in fermentation time with background of technician holding a test tube in a lab

“We are impressed that we are seeing something so different. You must have been doing something very well in R&D.”

- Lab Manager, Biorefinery Plant, Europe

 delta triangle with text less than 36% finishing fermentation at high temperature

Download Innova® Delta benefit sheet and learn more: