Optimize® FXC DS

With fortified LCO-promoter technology and two strains of Bradyrhizobia japonicumOptimize® FXC DS supports earlier nodule formation, mycorrhizal associations and nitrogen fixation potential. That means farmers benefit from significantly higher yield expectation and return on investment. 

Nodulation: key to plant production

From unsuitable soil conditions to insufficient bacterial populations, a range of factors lead to poor soybean nodulation.

Whatever the cause of poor nodulation, it reduces biological fixation of atmospheric nitrogen.

Biological fixation delivers up to 75% of a soybean crops’ total nitrogen needs. So poor nodulation puts crops at risk of nitrogen deficiency. And that puts farmers yield potential at risk.

Optimize nodules

LCO: earlier nodulation and improved mycorrhizal associations

If there’s any doubt about whether soil can support good nodulation, farmers need an inoculant with LCO promoter technology. This is a key component of nodulation and mycorrhization.

LCO acts as a communication signal between the plant and rhizobia. That means the plant begins an earlier and more efficient nodulation process for fixing nitrogen.

LCO is also an active spore germinator that boosts mycorrhizal colonization. The result is expanded functional root volume and increased nutrient and water uptake.

Optimzize LCO solutions

Upgrade crop resilience and performance

Optimize® FXC DS features significantly higher concentrations of LCOs. These higher concentrations support earlier nodule formation, mycorrhizal associations and nitrogen fixation potential. It also contains two strains of Bradyrhizobia japonicum to cover a broader range of growing situations.

This upgraded formulation delivers significantly improved root and shoot development. The result is better crop resilience and performance across a wide range of environmental conditions.

Watch the video and learn our long-time Novozymes dealer and customer Lynn Harrell talks about how using Optimize® and JumpStart® together benefits his soybean farming operation.

Optimize® FXC DS features

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Higher yield expectation


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Higher return on investment


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Earlier nodulation


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Learn how the new formulation of Optimize® FXC DS combines dual strain Bradyrhizobium japonicum with fortified LCO Promoter Technology® to increase the plant’s nitrogen fixation, ability to access soil nutrients and drive better water absorption for more consistent yields.

nitrogen fixation

Step up nitrogen fixation

See how treating seed with a biological inoculant like new Optimize® FXC DS helps improve nitrogen fixation to boost soybean yield potential.

Optimize® FXC DS:

an upgrade that keeps the features you rely on


an upgrade that keeps the features you rely on

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Optimize® FXC DS

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Optimize® FXC DS

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