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Novozymes’ global graduate program

Interested in becoming a graduate?
Come and grow your career with us! The first graduate positions for next year's global program launching in September 2023, are open now. More graduate positions will be posted during spring 2023. Check out our open positions or create a job agent in our job portal to be notified when a graduate position is posted.

Program information

Our global graduate program is designed to accelerate your personal and professional development. We provide an international framework in which you will play an active role in co-creating your own tailor-made learning journey. Through your daily work, you will gain a deep understanding of your business areas and different company operations while growing a strong professional network across the organization.

Novozymes’ global graduate program is a two-year journey. The program includes several job rotations with at least one being international.

graduates collaborating while standing

You will quickly become an integral part of Novozymes and you’ll learn to act and think in relation to our company values. We take pride in enabling all employees to unfold their full potential and believe that flexibility is key to achieving it. This is how we continue to succeed as a team and as a continuously growing sustainable company.

After the program, we expect you to be ready for an international career in Novozymes as you will have the required knowledge, network and experience to continue your journey within our global organization.

Application process

Our graduate positions are announced on an ongoing basis. We recommend you keep yourself updated on new positions by creating a Job Agent.

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