Global graduate program information

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Novozymes’ global graduate program

Two-year program
Our two-year graduate program focuses on cultural and organizational inclusion through trust building and networking activities. As a graduate, you will experience both local and international rotations, complete specialized training and participate in global networking activities which, when combined, facilitates your tailor-made learning journey. In addition, you will get a mentor and receive coaching to support your personal and professional growth.


We take onboarding seriously. We want to ensure a smooth transition into Novozymes, allowing you to get up to speed quickly. You and your manager will closely align to ensure your onboarding plan fits your specific needs. As part of the process, you will be assigned a buddy – an informal go-to person and the first building block in your future global network.

Local and international rotations

As a graduate, you will be hired into a specific role that enables you to specialize in one overall area of our business. As part of the program, you will be exposed to various parts of our organization through rotations giving you an enterprise-wide understanding of Novozymes. You will get to co-create your own rotation plan in collaboration with your manager to have space for your individual aspirations and development goals.

Mentoring and coaching

As part of the graduate program we are able to offer you a specialized mentoring program where you will be matched with an experienced leader as your mentor. We believe that a mentorship can be key in supporting your personal and professional growth. Additionally, you will receive coaching to facilitate learning reflections throughout the program and help you identify your next career move at Novozymes after the two years.

Harvard Business School strategy certification 

We believe that on-the-job training is the most efficient way to learn. However we also know that we need to support your learning journey by adding new knowledge and insights to feed your interests and support your growth. Throughout the program, you will participate in three different strategy courses from Harvard Business School supporting your development of strategy execution skills. This will give you a certification of specialization in strategy.

Networking and collaboration

When you join as a graduate, you will have access to an international network from day one. All graduates starting the same year are part of an online community and will collaborate and network across countries and organizational areas. At least one time during the graduate program you will get to meet your fellow graduates in person.